Singer Beldina Dies Shortly After Tweeting: ‘I Wish Someone Could Convince Me to Stay’

Beldina Dead

Facebook/Beldina Beldina pictured on her Facebook page in September 2019.

Beldina, the Swedish/Kenyan singer, has died tragically at the age of 31. Beldina passed away on Christmas Eve.

On December 19, Beldina tweeted, “i wish someone could convince me to stay.” Earlier that day, Beldina tweeted that she was “trying to get into heaven.” Those messages were the singer’s final social media post.

On December 14, Beldina tweeted, “grateful to everyone showin love + supportin the music i’m just getting started and could not this do without you.”

Beldina’s death was confirmed in a Facebook post from her friend, Katja Andersson. Anderson wrote in a heartbreaking post, “Feels pretty unreal to post this… In loving memory of Beldina Nyadwe ? With extreme saddened hearts our beautiful sister and dear friend has left us too soon. Sing from the heavens. Rest amongst the Angels.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Beldina Had Been the Face of Adidas’ ‘Caliroots’ Campaign in 2018

In an online modeling profile, Beldina said that she was looking to work as a runway model and as an actor in TV, flim or commercials.

Beldina says in that profile that she has 2 to 4 years of experience. Beldina worked as a model for Elle Magazine in Sweden in 2018 and May 2018 was the face of Adidas’ “Caliroots” campaign in Los Angeles.

According to her IMDb page, Beldina appeared in a single episode of the documentary series, “Chef’s Table,” in 2019.

2. Beldina Studied at Stockholm’s Most Prestigious Music School

Beldina was born and raised in Stockholm, according to the late singer’s profile. In Sweden, Beldina was a member of the famed Adolf Fredriks Flickkör girls choir and toured around the world with the group.

Beldina appeared on three of the choir’s recorded albums. The Adolf Fredriks Flickkor school is regarded as Sweden’s most prestigious music school.

3. Beldina Referred to Herself as a ‘Kenyan Goddess From Sweden’

Beldina – Here we go Performer: Beldina Malaika Director: Magnus Magnusson Cinemaphotography: Erik Sohlström Colorist: Martin Steinberg Hair and make up: Elin Tordenlid This a song taken from Beldinas EP "Best Kept Secret". Titel: Here we go All vocals and lyrics by: Beldina Malaika Produced by: Ali Payami Follow Beldina on Twitter: Add Beldina on Facebook: If i…2011-04-08T09:36:36.000Z

In her solo career, Beldina released her first album, “Opening Act,” in 2014 alongside DJ Booth. The album was released in Sweden. On her Facebook page, Beldina simply desribes herself saying, “Kenyan goddess from sweden to the world.” In addition to her music and performing career, Beldina had also been working as a yoga instructor in Los Angeles.

Beldina had released two albums in the U.S., “ILY” and more recently, “HMU.”

4. Beldina Collaborated With Childish Gambino in 2011

Childish Gambino – Not Going Back ft. Beldina MalaikaA video formerly by BarrSnacks One of the songs off of the Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) EP. NOTE: Childish Gambino / Donald Glover is given all credit for the music in this video.2011-03-23T06:06:29.000Z

In 2011, Beldina collaborated with Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover on the song “Not Going Back.”

The singer was quoted on her profile as saying, “Silence is the most powerful language; learn to speak with your heart before you say anything, and this is how I feel about my music. I want my voice to speak for itself; I want it to touch your soul so that you can feel joy, pain or love and to also inspire you in everyday life.”

5. Beldina’s Mother Passed Away in April 2019

Beldina’s mother, Adhiambo, passed away in April 2019, according to a GoFundMe page that the singer had set up in order to pay the funeral.

Beldina described her mother’s loss as being devastating on a “real personal/emotional level” while also placing a financial burden.

Beldina’s fundraiser wound up making $4,200. The original goal of the page was $4,000. Beldina’s mother’s funeral was held in Stockholm on May 7, 2019. Beldina was an only child.

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