Sally Field’s Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Sally Field

Sally Field is one of the recipients of tonight’s 2019 Kennedy Center Honors. She has three sons: Samuel Greisman, Peter Craig, and Eli Craig. Here is everything you need to know about her children.

1. Sally Field Has Three Sons


Sally Field has three sons. Her first two sons were born to Steven Craig, her first husband. Field and Craig were married from 1968 to 1975.

Her third son was born to her second husband, Alan Greisman. She and Greisman divorced in 1993.

Field also had a relationship with Burt Reynolds, but they did not have any children.

2. Peter Craig Is an Accomplished Screenwriter Who Wrote Two ‘Hunger Games’ Films & the new ‘Top Gun’ Movie Releasing in 2020

Peter Craig, born in 1969 to Sally Field and Steven Craig, is her oldest child. Peter is a novelist and screenwriter. His novels include The Martini Shot, Hot Plastic, and Blood Father.

He’s written some very popular screenplays. Peter Craig wrote the screenplays for The Hunger Games 1 and 2 with Danny Strong. He also wrote the screenplay for The Town, which starred Ben Affleck and Aaron Stockard. He also adapted his own novel, Blood Father, into a screenplay. In 2018, he adapted Horse Soldiers into the movie 12 Strong. He wrote Bad Boys for Life, which is releasing in 2020, and Top Gun: Maverick, releasing in 2020. He’s also working on Gladiator 2. 

3. Peter Craig Has Three Children

Peter Craig has three children of his own: two daughters born in his first marriage to Amy Scattergood, and a son born to his second wife Jennifer DeFrancisco, according to IMDb.

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He posts occasionally on his Twitter account, mostly just sharing political thoughts and other anecdotes, plus announcements related to his entertainment works.

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Much like his mother, his retweets have also shown a dislike for Trump.

4. Eli Craig Directed the Hugely Popular ‘Zombieland’

Eli Craig, born in 1972 to Sally Field and Steven Craig, is her middle child. He’s an actor, director, and screenwriter. He wrote and directed Tucker & Dale vs Evil. The movie won an audience award at SXSW.

His movie Little Evil premiered on Netflix in 2017 and starred Evangeline Lilly and Adam Scott.

Craig also is listed on IMDb as directing the hugely popular Zombieland in 2013. He’s now directing Bride and Doom!, a new horror comedy, Bloody Disgusting shared. In a statement, Craig said: “I’m an unabashed fan of wedding movies, but I think we’re past the point of seeing everything work out in the end. Everything doesn’t always work out, and weddings are sometimes the worst day of people’s lives. So let’s make an honest wedding movie for a change — let’s make it a horror movie.”

Eli Craig was an Outward Bound instructor and is married to Sasha Williams, the former Yellow Power Ranger.

5. Sam Greisman is an Aspiring Filmmaker

Sam Greisman, born in 1987 to Sally Field and Alan Greisman, is Sally Field’s youngest son. Following in his family’s footsteps, he’s also an aspiring filmmaker. Greisman studied at New York University and Columbia University but now lives in Los Angeles, according to his Facebook. While in film school, he wrote, produced, and directed Dinner with Jeffrey and After School. He also wrote and produced River Rats, a short that Will Welles, his classmate, directed.

At the age of 19, Greisman came out and used his own experiences as inspiration for his film Dinner with Jeffrey. His family was very supportive of him. He told Vanity Fair about his mom: “Being gay was just one more thing she loved about me. She couldn’t be more supportive of me; if anything, I wish she was a little less supportive of me.”