‘Survivor’ Season 40 Cast Spoilers: ‘Winners At War’

Rob and Amber Mariano

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The 40th season of Survivor doesn’t premiere until late February 2020, but because it filmed back-to-back with season 39, there is plenty of information out there about who played the all-star season, titled “Winners at War.” Read on to find out what we know so far, but be warned of spoilers.

Warning: Do not keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled about Survivor: Winners at War.

For the first time in the show’s history, a season with returning players will feature 20 former winners. The site Inside Survivor has the 20 former winners who are rumored to be taking part in the season. Here’s a rundown:

Natalie Anderson, 33, physical therapy student
Winner: Season 29, “Blood vs. Water 2.” She also participated in seasons 21 and 24 of The Amazing Race.

Tyson Apostol, 40, podcaster and professional cyclist
Winner: Season 27, “Blood vs. Water.” He also participated in season 18, “Tocantins,” and season 20, “Heroes vs. Villains.”

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Danni Boatwright, 44, actress/TV host
Winner: Season 11, “Guetemala.”

Sophie Clarke, 30, doctor
Winner: Season 23, “South Pacific.”

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Jeremy Collins, 41, firefighter
Winner: Season 31, “Cambodia.” He also appeared on season 29, “Blood vs. Water 2.”

Sandra Diaz-Twine, 45, TV personality
Winner: The only two-time winner, Sandra won both season 7, “Pearl Islands,” and season 20, “Heroes vs. Villains.” She also appeared on season 34, “Game Changers,” and was a mentor on season 39, “Island of the Idols.”

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Ben Driebergen, 36, Marine veteran and real estate agent
Winner: Season 35, “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”

Michele Fitzgerald, 29, travel agent
Winner: Season 32, “Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty”

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Wendell Holland, 35, lawyer
Winner: Season 36, “Ghost Island”

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Adam Klein, 28, homeless shelter manager
Winner: Season 33, “Millennials vs. Gen X”

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Yul Kwon, 44, TV host
Winner: Season 13, “Cook Islands”

Sarah Lacina, 35, police officer
Winner: Season 34, “Game Changers.” She also appeared on season 28, “Cagayan.”

Amber Mariano, 41, TV personality
Winner: Season 8, “All Stars.” She also appeared on season 2, “Australian Outback,” and two seasons of The Amazing Race with her husband, Rob Mariano, whom she met while filming “All-Stars.” They have four children.

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Rob Mariano, 43, TV personality
Winner: Season 22, “Redemption Island.” He also appeared on seasons 4, 8, and 20, plus he was a mentor on season 39. He also appeared on The Amazing Race twice with Amber.

Parvati Shallow, 37, TV personality
Winner: Season 16, “Fans vs. Favorites.” She also appeared on season 13, “Cook Islands,” and season 20, “Heroes vs. Villains.” She is married to fellow Survivor alum John Fincher; they had a daughter in 2018.

Kim Spradlin, 36, interior designer
Winner: Season 24, “One World.”

Denise Stapley, 48, mental health therapist
Winner: Season 25, “Philippines.”

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Tony Vlachos, 46, police officer
Winner: Season 28, “Cagayan.” He also appeared on season 34, “Game Changers.”

Nick Wilson, 29, public defender
Winner: Season 37, “David vs. Goliath.”

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Ethan Zohn, 46, TV personality
Winner: Season 3, “Africa.” He also appeared on season 8, “All Stars,” and competed on The Amazing Race with his then-girlfriend, fellow Survivor alum Jenna Morasca.

Inside Survivor also has a few tidbits to share about the season as a whole. There will be two tribes, the division of which is reportedly Amber, Kim, Sandra, Sarah, Sophie, Nick, Tony, Tyson, Wendell, and Yul on one tribe, and Adam, Ben, Ethan, Jeremy, Rob, Danni, Denise, Michele, Natalie, and Parvati on another tribe.

The “Edge of Extinction” element will also be in play again. Edge of Extinction was introduced in season 38 and involved giving voted-off contestants an option to take a boat to a desolate beach with even fewer amenities than the regular Survivor camps. Once there, they could wait for an opportunity to rejoin the game or they could choose to leave at any point.

The Edge of Extinction castaways were periodically given clues to find advantages in the game and then after the merge, the castaways at the Edge of Extinction beach competed in a challenge where the winner got to return to the game. Losers could either go home or stay in the game and be part of the jury. Because of this twist, there were 13 jury members instead of the usual 10-11.

The Edge of Extinction castaways were also allowed to compete in a competition at the final five to rejoin the game. Chris Underwood won that challenge and then went on to win the whole season, which was a little controversial because he came back into the game with a hidden immunity idol and a lot of information he had gathered during his time on the jury, which some fans saw as an unfair advantage.

But anyway, during “Winners at War,” there is also reportedly a $2 million prize this season, which is double the usual amount of prize money.

Survivor: Winners at War premieres on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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