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Tonight’s episode of Catfish puts family drama first, with Sparkayla and Maritha at the center of it all.

The episode will feature one sister trying to reunite with another. How did it all go down, to begin with? A woman married to Sparkayla, messaged Nev about another woman named “Maritha”, who has claimed to be Sparkayla’s sister. But is she really related to Sparkayla, or is it all a catfish?

Sparkayla Has Posted Her Excitement About the Episode on Social Media

Sparkayla, who goes by Sparkayla Booker on Facebook, is from Oakland and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is clearly excited by her appearance on the show, based on the fact that she has posted photos of the Catfish episode on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook also reveals that she has been married since July 2017.

On Instagram, Sparkayla posted a promo video for the episode, which shows that she first heard from her so-called “sister” on Instagram two years ago. “Maritha reached out to me on my birthday saying, ‘This is your sister from Vegas.'” The woman told Sparkayla she was Sparkayla’s father’s daughter.

Asked by Kamie if Sparkayla asked this woman what their father’s name was, she said she didn’t ask. Sparkayla even says that she tried to reach out to her father by text, but he wouldn’t respond.

Her Father Once Told Her She Had Younger Sisters

Sparkayla goes on to say that her mother was mostly a single parent and raised her daughter on her own. “When I was maybe 10-years-old… I was at my cousin’s birthday party and my dad came to the birthday party with these two beautiful, cute little girls, and introduced them as my little sisters.” At the time, Sparkayla had no idea she had any siblings.

Sparkayla says she was excited when Maritha came forward as her sister because she didn’t really grow up with siblings. “It kind of felt good to have someone reach out to me and give me the attention.”

Another teaser for the video shows Nev saying, “I’ve been waiting eight seasons to do a DNA test.” Tonight’s episode could finally call upon the proof of a DNA test to reach the verdict of whether or not Maritha is, in fact, Sparkayla’s sister.

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No cap ? #BetExperience

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It’s unclear how long Sparkayla and her wife have known each other, but the episode makes it clear that her wife is extremely concerned that Sparkayla could be an “easy” target for a catfish.

An Instagram photo posted in January 2019 shows Sparkayla and her wife in 2009 vs. 2019, and is captioned, “Then vs now #10yearschallenge #meandbae ?‍♀️#soulmate #❤️,” suggesting the pair has been together for quite some time.

Catfish first aired on MTV in 2012. The show has been renewed for a total of eight seasons, the most recent of which premiered on January 8, 2020. Today, the series is hosted by Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford.

For seven years, it was co-hosted by Max Joseph, who was subsequently replaced by a series of celebrity hosts, from Kimiko Glenn to Nick Young.

Be sure to tune into Catfish on MTV at 8pm ET/PT to see how the drama unfolds.

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