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There are only ten women left on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelorwhich means we’re a little more than halfway to the finale, and that means fantasy leagues are starting to heat up. For those wondering how, or if, you and your friends can join a Bachelor fantasy league at this point in the season, look no further.

To join a league or even start your own league, you can head on over to Bach Bracket by clicking here. Each league on Bach Bracket allows you to choose which contestants you think will earn the rose and which ones you think will be left without one at the end of the week. To get started, all you have to do is create an account on the site.

There are additional online leagues available if Bach Bracket isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Brackets in all leagues lock at the time of the east coast airing of the show, so west coast players can’t use the time difference to their advantage.

It’s definitely not too late to download a paper bracket and print it out. You can do that by clicking here or here

If you’re a Bachelor superfan or expert and find yourself wanting something more involved, you can go to My Bachelor Fantasy and recruit your friends, coworkers or family in on a league. The team there recommends having at least eight people in on your league, but you can make it work with fewer people.

You just have to sit down (physically or virtually) with your league members and have a draft. You can start a league whenever, but right now is a perfect time to do so since the season is about to get even more intense.

Bracket So Far

The Bachelor Season 24

GettyThe Bachelor Season 24

WARNING: SPOILERS through Rose Ceremony 4 Below

The women left in The Bachelor after Rose Ceremony 4 are the following ten women:

Hannah Ann
Victoria F.
Victoria P.

You can read a full recap of the most recent episode here.

How Scoring Works – My Bachelor Fantasy

If you choose to go the route of starting or joining a “My Bachelor Fantasy” league, scoring is a little complicated. Each Bachelor contestant receives points for the following line items once per episode. The scores are posted online by the Friday following the episode. You gain points for your contestants when they do any of the following, once per episode:


Being called last during rose ceremony
Hot Tubbing


Attending group date
Attending a concert
Riding in a helicopter/private jet
Riding a horse
Being attached to a harness
Riding on boat
Winning or being part of winning team on group date
Saying “not here to make friends”
Saying “not here for the right reasons”
Saying he/she has never felt this way about anyone before
Saying he/she is “all in”
Saying current city/country is a great place to fall in love
Having body part (other than the mouth) blurred


Mentioning a deceased loved one
Kissing the bachelor on the lips
Appearing drunk
Talking sh*t about another contestant to the bachelor


Meeting the bachelor’s family/friends
Discussing sex/intimacy with the bachelor
Receiving medical attention
Saying “I’m falling for you” or “I’m falling in love with you” to the bachelor. This may include “I think I’m falling for you” or “I think I’m falling in love with you.”*


Saying “I’m in love with you” to the bachelor*


Saying “I love you” to the bachelor*
Being told “I love you” by the bachelor*


Leaving the show on their own accord


Pulling a Mesnick (Coming in second place, then being chosen by the bachelor after the first place contestant is dumped)

*Note that if a contestant professes love in more than one of the starred categories, they should be awarded points based on the highest scoring profession of love

Whichever member of your league has the most points at the end of the season wins your league. When you start the league, you can choose a prize or trophy for the winner. You can also set your own ‘wild card’ point categories. You can download a scoring sheet here.

How Scoring Works – Bach Bracket Advanced Leagues

It could be a little more difficult to start an advanced Bach Bracket later in the season because of all the one-time scores that have already been completed in the first episode. See the scoring breakdown below. You could choose to skip over the majority of those and just start scoring based on the second episode if you choose to, though.

ONE TIME BONUSES (only one time by one contestant during the season) 

+5 Points
First one-on-one hot tub date with Peter
Contestant receives second overall rose (awarded on top of regular bonus rose)

+10 Points
First boat ride with Peter (not a personal watercraft)
First contestant to steal Peter away from another contestant
First person to say Peter is “family oriented”
First live musician (solo with Peter)
First horseback riding date

+15 Points
First contestant to mention their pet to Peter
First person to mention their child to Peter
First solo time with Peter (after limos)
First contestant to say “I am falling in love with you”

+20 Points
First helicopter ride with Peter
Contestant receives first impression rose
First Fantasy Suite date to air
First official hometown date
First kiss of season after limo intros end
First person to meet a member of Peter’s family
First person to say they love Peter
First plane ride with Peter

ONE TIME PENALTIES (Can only be lost one time by one contestant during the season)

-10 Points
First person to say “beauty queen” or “pageant queen”
First person to mention Hannah

-20 Points
First person to get sent home on a one-on-one date

POSITIVE POINTS (Can only be earned once per episode, by multiple contestants)

+5 Points
Contestant is seen eating (food must be seen entering mouth)
Contestant sings

+10 Points
Contestant brings a prop to their limo intro
Naked in front of the bachelor (fantasy suite = naked, unless explicitly said otherwise)
Has 1 on 1 conversation with Chris Harrison
Contestant wins a group competition (can be individually or as part of a group)
Dances with Peter
Date involves animals

+15 Points
Contestant plays a musical instrument
Speaks a language other than English during limo intros
Kiss outside in the rain or snow
Date includes fireworks

+20 Points
Contestant wears a costume or uniform to their limo intro
Solo date out of country
Contestant wins solo time after group date (two-on-one or more)

Can be earned multiple times per episode, by multiple contestants

+5 Points
Contestant is chosen for a date
Contestant advances
Contestant receives rose during a date (on top of regular rose bonus_
Contestant refers to Peter as her boyfriend
Contestant says “I was hoping it would be you/Peter” or “I was hoping for you/Peter”
Contestant says “I’m here for you/Peter”
Reads the date card
Contestant says “I am ready for love”

+10 Points
Contestant says “I can see a future with you/him/Peter”
Contestant says someone is “Not here for the right reasons”
Contestant says “This is a beautiful place to fall in love”
Contestant says “I don’t want this to end”
Contestant is seen popping a bottle of champagne
Jumping into water holding hands with Peter

+15 Points 
Contestant says “I’m not here to make friends”

NEGATIVE POINTS (Lost once per episode, by multiple contestants)

-5 Points
Talks about ex
Gets word bleeped out

-10 Points
Contestant covered by black box
Runs away in the middle of a rose ceremony
Cries (tear must hit the cheek or hand/tissue wipe)
Steals Peter from another contestant when she already has a rose
Mentions they are divorced

-15 Points
Contestant says “I’m not ready for marriage/to get married/to be engaged/to get engaged”
Non-sanctioned violence (push, punch) against another contestant
Talks about being cheated on
Selected for 2 on 1 date

-20 Points
Requires an ambulance being called
Brings up an ex who was a past Bach contestant
Contestant’s ex shows up
Dumped/leaves outside of a rose ceremony
Contestant leaves of their own accord/not sent home by Peter

Scores are automatically calculated at The Bach Bracket.

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