Are James Kennedy & Girlfriend Raquel Leviss Still Together?

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Getty James Kennedy (L) and Raquel Leviss.

Are James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss still together?

Kennedy and Leviss have had to overcome a number of challenges in their four-year relationship. Despite all the cheating accusations and the fights, the couple seems to be as OK as any of the couples on VPR. Kennedy even mentioned that he and Leviss might be the next couple to walk down the aisle, despite being younger than the majority of the rest of the cast. But with Leviss working at SUR and Kennedy drinking too much, he’s been told to get his sh*t together.

Here’s what we know about James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss, and if they’re still together:

How Many Times Has James Kennedy Cheated on Racquel Leviss?

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In January 2017, two women confront Leviss at a club, while Kennedy is DJing. One is the SURver Gerelyn “GG” Gilbert, the other is her friend, Elle. They start a fight with Leviss, and when Kennedy comes over to break up the fight, GG hands him a bag of clothes that she said she borrowed after she slept at his house. James denied it, saying the two women were groupies.

In January 2018, Kennedy faced rumors that he was sleeping with his best friend Logan. Logan told Leviss that she had also slept with Kennedy while the two were together. In season 6, the news was reveled by Jax, who said the Logan told him that she had slept with Kennedy. Leviss responded by saying, “I don’t want to deal with another person saying that they’re f*cking my boyfriend.” Fair enough.

In December 2018, Kennedy was accused once again, after he moved in with Leviss in season seven. Kristen’s friend Hope confronted Leviss at Pride to say that she hooked up with Kennedy at Coachella. According to Hope, the encounter took place while Leviss, a former beauty queen, was sleeping fairly close by the humping couple. Then she told Leviss that she and Kennedy have been sleeping together for two years and that Kennedy was “manipulating” her so that she couldn’t confess.

In the season 7 reunion, Kennedy was confronted about all the rumors. He denied them and then everyone started screaming at each other until Ariana Madix said that when Kennedy and Leviss moved in together, that was their fresh start. Leviss told host Andy Cohen that she knew Kennedy was unfaithful in the past.

Raquel Leviss & James Kennedy Are Still Together

Last week, in season 8, episode 6, Lisa Vanderpump questions Kennedy as he DJs at TomTom for L.A. Pride. Two women come up to Kennedy to tell him how good he is as a DJ and that Leviss is looking cute with her goggles on her head. There’s some confusion about whether or not Leviss is at TomTom or working at SUR, which is where Vanderpump thinks she’s supposed to be. She tells Kennedy that she’s interested in his welfare in a patronizing way and Kennedy walks away. She’s calling Kennedy on his drinking.

There’s concern about Kennedy’s drinking because he drinks too much and then becomes verbally abusive to women. This is a cause for concern for the other cast members, and especially for the women who he has unleashed his drunken, rage-fueled diatribes upon. While Leviss was working at SUR, Kennedy started sending her a barrage of text messages. Then he calls her and says, “Go f*ck yourself, Raquel!” as he’s huddled in a corner, against a cement wall, wearing a white ringer tank top. Then he called her a slut. The women discuss this event with Leviss and she explained that he was drinking. The couple have a talk about Kennedy’s behavior and Leviss tells him “if you can’t get your sh*t together, then we will break up.” Kennedy walks out and slams the door of the apartment behind him.

Nevertheless, Leviss seems to have forgiven and forgotten the whole episode because she posted a picture of her and Kennedy on Instagram with the caption, “Happy Birthday @itsjameskennedy I’m so proud of your accomplishments and happy to spend today (and everyday) with you!” Unless he’s drinking and calling you a slut, then spending time with him might make you sad.

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