Reality Steve Says ‘Bachelor’ Wasn’t Delayed From Peter Weber’s Golf Injury

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In October, news broke that The Bachelor’s Peter Weber was injured and taken to the hospital while filming an episode of the show.

At first, reports circulated that he suffered a serious injury, however, updates reveal that he’s doing just fine. Peter had to get 22 stitches on his face after a 2-hour trek to the hospital, but these days, he’s all healed.

After the accident, a source told People, “It’s not as bad as what is being reported.”

Chris Harrison later confirmed Peter is “100% ok.”

The Accident Took Place in Costa Rica

As Reality Steve puts it, “It was in Costa Rica on an off day before the women arrived that Peter fell off a golf cart and cut his head open. He had to be rushed to the hospital and got stitches in his head, which were visible the rest of the season. However, this did not delay filming as he went on a date the next day.”

The day after the accident, the women flew to Costa Rica. One day later, he had a date with Sydney Hightower, who took home a rose.

On October 13, People reported that Peter had his stitches removed, according to a source.

Speaking to ET, Peter said of his stitches, “It kind of does play a role in a little bit later on in the season. I’m not gonna spoil it, but it’s actually kind of cool. The girls took care of me. They definitely kind of felt bad about it, but I wasn’t gonna let this slow down my journey to find what I really wanted and it’s all good. I got a battle scar now.”

He Did Not Trip

While earlier reports claimed Weber tripped while getting on the golf cart and landed on a pair of champagne glasses, that is not the case. Speaking to ET, he said, “I just sat in the golf cart, banged my head, reacted and smashed the glass in my forehead…”

He added, “I was kind of, like, dazed… I didn’t feel it at all, to be honest. My endorphins were just, like, firing, and everyone just rushes over and puts their hand on it. I ended up finding out later on how bad it was. I’ve seen the first picture and I was like, ‘Oh my god. I’ll never look the same again. The plastic surgeon, he took care of me. He did a good job.'”

Pete seems to have dealt with the accident, but how does he handle the rest of the season? The Bachelor tells the outlet that he cried more than any other Bachelor in the show’s 24 seasons. “But you know what? I’m OK with it. I’m not ashamed of it at all. I literally wore my heart on my sleeve from night one till the very last second of this whole experience, and I don’t regret that for one second. I don’t take anything back and that’s who I am. And that’s who I was gonna be the entire season and I’m proud of that.”

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