Who Quit & Leaves ‘The Bachelor’ This Week By Choice?

The Bachelor


The Bachelor season 24 episode 5 airs on Monday, February 3; as a special two-show week, the following episode airs on Wednesday, February 5. The episodes promise plenty of drama, and one contestant is even expected to quit the show and leave on her own. BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW.

The official synopsis for episode 5 reads “Peter and the women travel to Costa Rica; a woman cries alone as Peter goes on a one-on-one date in a helicopter; a group of women shoots a magazine spread; a woman sneaks to Peter’s suite in an effort to fix her situation.”

The description for episode 6 teases “In Santiago, Chile, one woman reveals to Peter that she has never been in love; Peter and a group of the women star in their own telenovela; two feuding women square off one last time.”

While those descriptions prove that both episodes will be packed with drama, what they do not reveal is that, according to Reality Steve, Alayah Benavidez leaves the show (again), this time by her own choice.

Alayah Left Before a Rose Ceremony, Even Though She Had a Rose

According to Reality Steve, Alayah left the show for the second time somewhere between when Peter gave her a group date rose (for a group date she wasn’t even on) and when that week’s rose ceremony was held. This means that she had a rose, and should have been safe from elimination for the week, when she chose she wanted to leave the competition and return home. He says that whether or not the show chooses to portray the scenario as Alayah’s choice and not Peter regretting his decision to take the rose back, “Alayah left on her own.”

He said that she left during the cocktail party, adding “Alayah felt no one in the house was on her side, and after the Victoria F. incident, she just wanted out.”

Alayah’s Brief Return to the House Started Drama With the Other Women

It’s no surprise that Alayah returning to explain herself and defend her reputation to Peter sparked drama among the other women of the house; those negative feelings were only exacerbated by Peter’s decision to not only invite her back into the house, but to give her the group date rose for the date that she crashed in the first place.

Shortly after rejoining the house, Alayah found herself at the center of more drama after she told the other women about Victoria Fuller dating Chris Rice in the past. Alayah had the information because she had looked up filming spoilers once she was outside of the competition and able to access the internet.

Reality Steve predicts that, even though he was told Alayah voluntarily left the show, production will make it seem as though Peter eliminated her because of all the drama it caused with the other remaining women in the house.

After her return to The Bachelor aired, Alayah aluded to the drama in an Instagram post, writing “Kindness is choosing love over hate, light over darkness, compassion over judgement.” Ahead of the February 3 episode, she did not make reference to any upcoming Bachelor drama on her social media.

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