Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 2/5/2020

The Masked Singer Turtle, Jesse McCartney Turtle

FOX The Turtle in the “The Playoffs: Group A” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb 5 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Masked Singer season 3 episode two aired on Wednesday, February 5. For the second time this season, the Turtle took the stage for another performance against his fellow contestants, but not before the show revealed some more clues about the celebrity hiding behind the mask.

Here’s what we have learned about the Turtle and the best guesses about their identity so far:

‘The Masked Singer’ Turtle Clues

In his first clue package, the Turtle revealed that at the start of his career he was “surrounded by other hungry newcomers.” He then added that he “watched as many stars burnt too brightly too quickly.” This seems to suggest that he began his career at a young age, but perhaps didn’t reach stardom until later in life.

Some visual clues that stood out in his first video package were a shot of the Turtle waxing a surfboard, and another of the Turtle cooking burgers at a grill.

At the start of his episode 2 video clue package, the Turtle said being on the show is “Such an opportunity to break out of my shell.” He then revealed that “People have always expected me to act a certain way.” The rest of his clue package showed the Turtle in school trying to rebel from what he has been expected to do.

Some visual clues were picked up on were a fire alarm, a baseball bat, bubbles, and a blow-up guitar.

At the end of his clue package, he said “If I wanna sing a love song, I’m gonna sing a love song.”

He chose to perform “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur, showing off his skillful voice and pleasing falsetto once again. After the performance ended, he told Nick Cannon “I’m feeling it.”

When asked by Cannon what he was voted “Most Likely” for in the Masked Academy, he said “I was voted most likely to hunt for booty, and I have… often.” Ken Jeong joked that maybe this confusing clue meant that the celebrity behind the Turtle mask is a boy band member.

The Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’ Top Guesses

After the Turtle’s impressive season premiere performance of “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal, the judges guessed that perhaps it was Joey McIntyre or Zac Efron behind the mask. On Twitter, many fans guessed that they believe the Turtle is actually Jesse McCartney.

During episode 2 of The Masked Singer, Ken Jeong guessed the Turtle is AJ McClean. Robin Thicke guessed Billy Joe Armstrong. Guest judge Jason Biggs guessed that he might be Darius Rucker. Nicole Scherzinger said she still thinks it’s an actor, and stood by her guess that the Turtle is Zac Efron.

At the end of the episode, [SPOILER ALERT] the Llama was unmasked revealing Drew Carey, keeping the Turtle’s identity a mystery for at least another episode. The Turtle will perform again in episode 3 on February 10, so stayed tuned for more clues and guesses.

Tune in to new episodes of The Masked Singer season 3, Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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