‘Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ Cast: Meet The Spinoff Contestants

The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart Cast


As if we don’t have enough Bachelor in our lives, now ABC is rolling out another spinoff. Pretty soon there will be Bachelor franchise shows to watch all year ’round, which… sounds pretty great, actually. Listen to Your Heart is the new spinoff and it premieres Monday, April 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Promos have us pretty excited, so in preparation for this new show singing and dancing its way into our hearts, here are the 23 singles making up the cast of contestants will who look for “perfect harmony” on the inaugural season.

The Musicians of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your HeartMeet the men and women of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart! Premieres Monday, April 13 at 8|7c on ABC.2020-02-27T19:24:11.000Z

Bekah Purifoy, 25, Washington DC, musical theatre

BLTYH bio: Growing up in Arkansas with her three older sisters, Bekah was always pushed to follow her dreams. After receiving her BFA in musical theater, Bekah’s ready to let the world see what she can do. Her career has been steadily on the up and up, but her love life has fallen flat. Bekah has been the understudy in love for long enough – she is ready to finally be the leading lady in someone’s life.

Fun fact: She and her mother have hopped over fences to try to get a glimpse of Kim Kardashian’s house.

Brandon Mills, 34, Nashville, Tennessee, folk/pop

BLTYH bio: For years, Brandon was a Marine, protecting and serving his country. Writing and performing music was a way for him to entertain and motivate the soldiers he served alongside. But as he moved up in the ranks, his love life sank, as he returned from the war to find the love of his life had moved on without him. Now, Brandon is looking for an independent woman to make beautiful music with and start a new chapter of life.

Fun fact: He opened for Jason Derulo in Times Square once.

Bri Stauss, 28, Provo, Utah, pop

BLTYH bio: Previously engaged, she’s tired of the immaturity and commitment fears of the men she has loved in the past. But after all the heartbreak she’s been through, Bri refuses to give up and is ready to find something real and long lasting. Living in Utah and focusing on her music career for the last five years, Bri has been waiting to find that perfect someone who not only accepts her passion for music but wants to share it with her.

Fun fact: She is a practicing Mormon and has four siblings.

Cheyenne Arnell, 23, Lawndale, California, R&B

BLTYH bio: At 8 years old, Cheyenne started singing in the children’s church choir and fell in love with music. Now, Cheyenne is making her own music and has dreams of being a pop sensation. She has been single for five years because she is holding out for a true connection with a good man. She has struggled to find men that have her same strong Christian values and hopes to find someone with masculine energy, a good sense of humor and strong morals. She wants to date a musician because she thinks they will understand her on a deeper level.

Fun fact: She has never been to a nightclub.

Chris Watson, 30, Los Angeles, California, soul

BLTYH bio: Growing up in Tampa, Florida, to Caribbean parents, Chris was always encouraged to find love and follow his dreams. After losing his father, Chris has been motivated to pursue his passion of having a music career, no matter the cost. Chris is looking for a woman he can sing to and grow old with, and it doesn’t hurt if she can hold a tune as well. After years of being the singer at a wedding, he is ready for his love story.

Fun fact: He has traveled the working doing mission trips for UNICEF.

Danny Padilla, 26, Sherman Oaks, California, singer-songwriter

BLTYH bio: He gained internet fame thanks to original songs and musical impersonations. Danny has been burned in past relationships, but he hasn’t let that keep him down. Danny knows he falls hard and fast but feels a true connection will come with a woman he knows can handle his serious along with his silly.

Fun fact: He can beatbox.

Gabe Baker, 28, Houston, Texas, soul/folk

BLTYH bio: From football to fiscal calendars, Gabe handles it all while still being an active member of the Christian Ministry. Gabe takes pride in inspiring and motivating others but is still looking for someone who can be his own motivation. He’s looking for his “Proverbs: 31” woman, someone he can honor and trust with his heart. He’s hoping he can find that here and to that we say, “Amen!”

Fun fact: He played D-I college football for Rice University.

Jack Mason, 28, Dallas, Texas, country

BLTYH bio: You can find this single dad playing live most nights to support his 3-year-old son. Ever since he and his ex split, Jack hasn’t found the right partner to shape a future with. He is dedicated to his musical dreams but hopes he can finally find the woman who can be his duet partner on and off stage.

Fun fact: He has a necklace tattooed on himself in case he ever forgets his real necklace.

Jamie Gabrielle, 21, Nashville, Tennessee, country

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BLTYH bio: From an early age, she knew she wanted a career in music. After leaving liberal arts college for the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Jamie was ready to pursue her musical aspirations. As a budding artist, it’s important for her to be taken seriously and to prove to her family that she can make it big! Jamie is ready for the real deal when it comes to music and love. Even after going on 100 dates this year, she still hasn’t found someone who can make her heart sing. She has dated a lot of off-key men, but this time, she’s hoping to hit the right note.

Fun fact: Her favorite food is margaritas.

Josh Hester, 31, Nashville, Tennessee, country and pop

BLTYH bio: When Josh was 22, he was a deputy sheriff and married his high school sweetheart. He had everything he thought he wanted. After eight years of being on the force, Josh realized that he wasn’t happy in his career or his marriage and left both to pursue his music dreams. He recently moved to Nashville and has earned the nickname “The Singing Uber Driver.” Now that he is back on route, he is looking for someone to sit shotgun alongside him and go for the ride of his life.

Fun fact: He hasn’t dated anyone since he got divorced three years ago.

Julia Rae, 27, Wayne, Pennsylvania, pop

BLTYH bio: Her music career began in the theater at age 6. She started recording original songs professionally by age 15. Julia struggled with cystic fibrosis throughout her life but because of recent breakthroughs in medicine, Julia has fully recovered and has a second chance at life, music and love. Now, she cannot wait to meet her husband! Julia’s looking for a man who will go the distance with her, singing all the way.

Fun fact: She won Miss Teen Philadelphia and Miss Philadelphia.

Mariana Jasel, 23, Dallas, Texas, R&B and pop

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BLTYH bio: With Mexican and Puerto Rican roots, she was raised by her single dad who is her ultimate superhero. Many of her relatives are musically inclined and she naturally gravitated towards R&B and pop. She considers herself a romantic with her head in the clouds. Now, Mariana is ready to find a man who will love her heart and her dreams.

Fun fact: She loves going to museums.

Matt Ranaudo, 32, Encino, California, neo soul

BLTYH bio: Growing up watching his father tour the country as a musician, Matt caught the bug early on and moved to Los Angeles to chase his lifelong dream of being a successful musician. Matt has dedicated his life to his music and band “Brother Stone & The Get Down,” which he co-leads alongside his cousin. Being laser-focused on his music has meant sacrificing a love life. He wants a down-to-earth girl to share his life and dreams with, on and off the tour bus.

Fun fact: He writes music for TV shows and commercials.

Mel Taevin, 27, Brooklyn, New York, indie rock

BLTYH bio: Brought up in the midwest, Mel was adopted from Seoul, Korea. This indie-rock chick grew up singing at her church and attended Bethel University. Realizing that music was her true passion, she enrolled at Berklee College of Music where she studied songwriting and performance arts. When it comes to love, Mel truly dislikes the modern dating world and claims that she’s not easy to fall in love with. While she hates the existence of dating apps, Mel is excited to find love in a unique way and finally swipe right.

Fun fact: She does a great Jerry Seinfeld impression.

Michael Todd, 31, Atwater, California, singer-songwriter

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BLTYH bio: Underneath the glossy surface is a prolific singer-songwriter looking for his soul mate. After spending time in L.A., he is back in his hometown, where he finds that most people have already settled down. Michael Todd comes into this experience ready for the next phase of life, meeting someone who will rock & roll his world.

Fun fact: His single “Hot Touch” has over 100,000 spins on Spotify.

Natascha Bessez, 33, Los Angeles, California, pop

BLTYH bio: With a Chilean and French background, Natascha is a pop singer with an international flair. You can find Natasha bouncing around the globe performing with some of the best musicians in the world. Unfortunately, her success in music has not translated to her love life. Natascha is looking for a mature man who shares her values and lust for life. Recently out of a long-distance relationship, she is ready to find someone who spoils her with the love she truly deserves.

Fun fact: She won Miss Teen USA New York and placed in the Top 15 at the national pageant.

Ruby Jane, 25, Austin, Texas, indie pop

BLTYH bio: Ruby is no stranger to trying to combine love with music, as she has dated fellow band members in the past. She started playing violin at 2 years old and soon became the youngest fiddle player to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. She has gone on to play with the likes of Lady Gaga and Willie Nelson but has recently been focused on a solo career. Ruby admits she is a relationship-oriented girl though, so she comes to “Listen to Your Heart” looking once again to hit the right notes with someone as talented as herself.

Fun fact: She has performed for all five living U.S. presidents.

Rudi, 24, Los Angeles, California, R&B and pop

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BLTYH bio: The last seven months is the longest amount of time that she’s been single. Looking for the right partner, Rudi knows that she has a crazy side to her and wants a man that can handle it and throw it right back at her. When Rudi sings her heart out, she is a force to be reckoned with and has even performed as an opening act in front of 20,000 people at Lollapalooza. Rudi is looking for that crazy love and forever partner in romance and music.

Fun fact: She’s a demo musician for big producers and studios.

Russell Johnson, 26, New York, New York, folk

BLTYH bio: He grew up in Indiana but now lives and performs in New York. He may seem quiet and shy at first, but his experience shows he has much more to share. When Russell isn’t playing his axe, he is throwing them, as a knife-throwing and archery instructor. Women may swoon from his teen idol looks, but true love for Russell will come with someone who can get him to put his guard down.

Fun fact: He often gets mistaken for Macaulay Culkin.

Ryan Neal, 28, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, jazz/funk/pop/R&B

BLTYH bio: He found his roots as an artist when he rented a house in Nova Scotia on a secluded lake to write and produce his original music. Recently breaking up with his girlfriend of two years, Ryan has been unlucky in romance and has struggled to find someone who respects his musical aspirations. Ryan is looking for someone who understands the unique challenges of dating an artist. He has never dated a musician and is excited to finally give it a shot.

Fun fact: He has a studio in his home.

Savannah McKinley, 25, Nashville, Tennessee, acoustic pop

BLTYH bio: After years of working a normal corporate job, Savannah realized she could not play it safe anymore. Savannah quit her job, packed her bags and moved to Nashville in hopes of finding a life partner making it big in Music City! It’s only been a few months, but she’s bringing the heat to Nashville’s music hot spots. When it comes to love, Savannah’s hasn’t been hitting the right notes. Now that her music is in the right place, she’s ready to find someone to share it with.

Fun fact: She was the leader of her church youth ministry.

Sheridan Reed, 27, Austin, Texas, R&B/soul/pop

BLTYH bio: Aside from playing guitar and working on his vocals, Sheridan enjoys reading about social sciences and diving into holistic remedies. But when it comes to music, Sheridan doesn’t play around. Sheridan puts the work in to make his dreams come true by living out of his car during self-funded tours across the country. He’s dedicated to love just as much as he’s dedicated to music: All he needs is someone to share the driver’s seat with. He may even let her control the radio!

Fun fact: His car is named Sheila.

Trevor Holmes, 29, Encino, California, country/pop

BLTYH bio: From 9 to 5, he is working a day job; but when the sun goes down, he’s playing gigs and writing music in L.A. In 2018, Trevor made it to the Top 25 on American Idol and is now hoping to be No. 1 in someone’s heart. He is hoping to date a woman who is secure enough to know that when Trevor is in, he’s all in! Maybe another musician is exactly what he needs?

Fun fact: He played semi-pro hockey.

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart premieres Monday, April 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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