‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Is ‘Cautious’ with Daughter Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Cheyenne Floyd

Instagram/Cheyenne Floyd "Teen Mom OG" star Cheyenne Floyd said she and daughter Ryder are being "cautious" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd is doing just fine during the coronavirus pandemic. She and daughter Ryder Wharton have been self-isolating, save for co-parenting with ex Cory Wharton and his pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge.

“It’s honestly been fine for me. I’m kind of used to staying home and I’m a homebody,” Cheyenne told Heavy.com in an exclusive phone interview on Tuesday. “I’m not dying of boredom or anything.”

With Ryder’s illness, a congenital condition called VLCAD, it’s been important for Cheyenne and her family to quarantine. “I’ve stayed inside and away from people. The same with Cory and Taylor,” the Teen Mom OG star said.

VLCAD, also known as Very Long-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency, is a condition where the body is not able to break down certain fats. Ryder was diagnosed with the illness two days after she was born.

Because of Ryder’s condition, her parents are taking extra precautions. “I have to be more cautious. Her doctors reached out and said to be careful about having her around people or bringing her out. If she does come to the store with us, they said to make sure she wears a face mask and gloves,” Cheyenne said. “If she does go out, I give her a bath immediately when we get home. So we’ve been really careful with her.”

Cory and Cheyenne generally have a good co-parenting relationship, and she said he’s been making sure to take extra precautions during the pandemic since his daughter is more susceptible to the disease because of her illness and his girlfriend is pregnant.

“We have to be mindful,” Cheyenne told Heavy.com. “It’s definitely a weird and scary time but if everyone does their part, listens and stays home we can get through this quicker.”

At first, Cory and Cheyenne said Ryder would stay only with her during quarantine, but considering how long it’s likely going to last, Ryder has been splitting her time at both her parents’ houses. Cheyenne revealed they’ve been lax about sharing custody during this time, but joked that Ryder gets sick of either her or Cory after about four days. “She likes going back and forth between houses,” the MTV reality star said.

When asked how Taylor was doing, Cheyenne said she’s doing well, but added it’s also a stressful time right now because they’re worried fathers might not be permitted in the delivery room at some hospitals. Other than that, Cheyenne said Taylor and Cory just moved into a new apartment together. “They sent me pictures and it’s really cute,” she said. “Ryder got her own room. She’s really excited.”

Cheyenne Feels Like a Part of the ‘Teen Mom’ Family

Aside from Mackenzie McKee, Cheyenne was the newest mom to join the MTV franchise. In the beginning, she wasn’t sure where she fit in.

“I wasn’t sure where my place was,” she said about first starting the series. “I just felt like I was so different from all the other storylines. But now it’s at the point that I think we definitely have our own place on the ‘Teen Mom’ show and even though our storyline is different, it’s relatable.” She added: “I definitely feel like I’m a part of the family.”

One of the most popular questions Cheyenne gets asked is about her relationship with Cory.

They’ve generally always been shown as being on good terms, but this season fans have seen them butt heads. “I think the fans were happy to see another side of our co-parenting relationship last week,” she Cheyenne told Heavy.com. “A lot of the times we come off like we’re perfect and we’re definitely not. Now you’re getting to see that we go through struggled and disagreements. Then you get to see how we work through those.

Cheyenne thinks it’s good that fans get to see the difficult times because “it’s good to show those things and how you can overcome them.”

Cheyenne and Ryder Love to Match

Fans who follow Cheyenne on Instagram will probably notice Cheyenne likes to wear Fashion Nova outfits and match them with something Ryder is wearing. This is done intentionally and Cheyenne admitted she’s done it with 2-year-old Ryder since she was an infant. 

“It’s always been my little thing with her,” Cheyenne said. “I’m sure she’s going to hate it the older she gets so I have to get as many matching outfits on her as I can while she has not choice,” she added with a laugh.

Cheyenne Doesn’t Think Ryder Will Mind Being on TV When She Grows Up

Like almost all Teen Mom kids, Ryder didn’t have a choice whether she wanted to appear on television. It’s something that Cheyenne has thought about, but knowing her daughter, she doesn’t foresee it being a problem in the future.

“Ryder has such a big personality. If she’s out somewhere and sees a stage she wants to be on it. She’s a little performer herself so I don’t think she would be upset about the show. And this is where she comes from,” Cheyenne said. “Her parents met on reality TV. This is part of her life. It’s going to be her norm.”

To find out what happens next between Cheyenne and Cory, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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