Hannah Ann Sluss & Josh Dobbs Have Been Spotted Together

Hannah Ann Sluss


The finale of ABC’s The Bachelor airs this week, and fans are looking everywhere they can to get confirmation on who wins the season. Now, Hannah Ann Sluss has been spotted with quarterback Josh Dobbs in what seemed like a cozy situation, leading people to believe that they’re dating.

WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor 2020 finale follow. Read at your own risk. 

Thanks to Reality Steve, we can be passably confident that Peter Weber does not end up with Hannah Ann Sluss despite saying he’s in love with her prior to the final rose ceremony.

Hannah Ann apparently posted photos of herself with Dobbs over the weekend. It’s likely they’re just friends, but they looked pretty cozy in the picture that was later posted on Reddit.

Here’s what we know:

Sources Say the Two Were All Over Each Other

Reality Steve addressed the photos in his latest podcast, saying he’s pretty sure that Peter is not with Hannah Ann and he will not be come finale night or after the final rose.

He did bring up the photos, saying that he’s heard of the photos and even saw them posted on her Instagram story confirming that they were together at least at a basketball game that night. She was not trying to hide the fact that the two were hanging out.

“Now these are unconfirmed reports, but I kept hearing all night on Saturday that people said they were all over each other and making out,” Reality Steve wrote. “Like I said, unconfirmed reports and anyone can say that without providing any proof. Nobody ever did.”

He went on to say that he didn’t think Hannah Ann would be dumb enough to be making out with someone as recognizable as Josh Dobbs the week before her finale of The Bachelor. Reality Steve has more photos on his blog.

The Finale Spoilers Could Be Wrong

Throughout the entire season, Reality Steve has been saying he’s unsure how exactly the finale will play out. Peter Weber even went on record to say that there was no way Reality Steve would be able to spoil it before it airs.

Now, spoilers have come out for the finale, but they are not 100 percent confirmed yet. Once they were posted, additional sources came forward to contradict what was being said and offer different endings to the season.

“Just gonna put this out there,” he tweeted. “Since my post this morning, I’ve been on my phone non stop. Plenty of things being said. The whole thing is a mess. Being told so many different things now. Original sources sticking by what they said. New sources saying that’s not it. It’s madness!”

He said he would update everyone as soon as he had more information before the airing of the finale.

Tune in to the two-part finale of The Bachelor on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. on ABC to see what happens at the end of Peter’s season.

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