Is the T-Rex JoJo Siwa on the ‘Masked Singer’?

Fox Flash T-Rex on 'The Masked Singer'

Season 3 of the Masked Singer is well underway, and fans want to know: could the T-Rex be JoJo Siwa? Our guess is yes.

While the judges are generally good at guessing who’s under the mask, the comments section of Youtube has proven to be the most accurate forum for correctly identifying the celebrity. If you head to the comments section of the T-Rex’s most recent performance, you’ll see that the top three users suggest that Siwa is under the mask.

The most ‘liked’ comment reads, “They should have told her to legit sing and not talk-sing cause her voice is too distinct… jojo.” Another adds, “Nobody can say that’s not JoJo siwa also the clues add up to the one and only JoJo Siwa.”

While her performance was energetic, the T-Rex is clearly not a trained singer. Siwa isn’t either. The 16-year-old is a dancer and actress widely known for her presence on Youtube. She even has a name for her fans– Siwanatorz (which sounds a little bit like the name of a dinosaur. That could be another hint in and of itself.)

We Know the T-Rex Was ‘Discovered by Another’

One clue in the T-Rex’s clue package is that she was “discovered by another.” The T-Rex says she was plucked from obscurity.

Fans of Siwa know that she appeared on the Lifetime hit Dance Moms, as a dancer in Abby Lee Miller’s company.

The T-Rex has an energy and style that matches Siwa’s. Newsweek writes, “Fans seem to think Siwa is T Rex because of the similar vocals, as well as the general energy level of the performer. Siwa is known for explosive performances and energetic dances. T Rex seemed to have an extra bounce in their step, which connected the two identities in online theories.”

The ‘Baby Doll’ Clue

BABYSITTING NORTH WEST!!! – JoJo SiwaJoJo Siwa BABYSITTING NORTH WEST!! I had so much fun Pretend babysitting Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's little girl North West! COME SEE ME PERFORM LIVE ON TOUR! – 🐸✰SUBSCRIBE✰ ►… ✰GO WATCH MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO!! ►… ✰ MORE VIDEOS ON MY SECOND CHANNEL!✰ ► ✰ FOLLOW ME ON…2019-03-31T18:58:49Z

The T-Rex performed for the first time during last week’s show and belted out Pink’s So What.

One of the first clues the T-Rex brought onstage was a doll, and fans of Siwa know that dolls are part of her line of merchandise.

On top of that, the clues video references a compass with the directions North and West. Those who follow Siwa’s Youtube page know that she appeared in a Youtube video titled “Babysitting North West!!” with Kim Kardashian and her daughter.

The video, shown above, has over 269k likes on Youtube, and Siwa has over 10.7 million subscribers.

That brings us to the gold “U” that appears in the T-Rex’s clues package– this could be a reference to the teen’s Youtube page.

The last clue that viewers have picked up on is the dinosaur’s actual height. Siwa stands at 5’9″, which is three inches shorter than Nick Cannon. This appears to check out, as well.

Season 3 of The Masked Singer premiered on February 2, 2020, after the Super Bowl. The celebrities that have been unmasked so far this season include Sarah Palin, Tom Bergeron, Dionne Warwick, Tony Hawk, Chaka Khan, Drew Carey, and Lil Wayne.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on Fox at 8pm ET/PT.

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