Will Peter Weber Propose on ‘The Bachelor’ After the Final Rose 2020?

The Bachelor AFTR Proposal

ABC Fans are wondering if Peter Weber will propose during the "After the Final Rose" live portion of "The Bachelor" finale.

Part two of The Bachelor season 24 finale airs on Tuesday, March 10, finally revealing the dramatic end to Peter Weber’s journey for love. Throughout the season, promotional materials, Chris Harrison, and even Peter himself have teased that no one will be able to guess how the season ends – not even Peter.

For this reason, fans are wondering if the big twist is a live proposal during the “After the Final Rose” special.

So, will Peter propose? And if so, to whom? Read on for what we know heading into the finale part two.


Reality Steve Reports That Peter Proposed to Hannah Ann During Filming, But it Didn’t Last

If Reality Steve‘s finale spoilers are correct, viewers will get to see at least one proposal during night two of the finale. According to him, Peter proposed to Hannah Ann in Australia during the final rose ceremony, and she accepted his proposal. Though they returned home a married couple, he claims that Peter ended up calling off the engagement so that he could pursue a second shot at a relationship with Madison.

At the end of night one of the season finale, Harrison told viewers at home that they hadn’t seen the last of Madison Prewett. In a promo, Madison was even shown telling Harrison she regretted her decision to leave the competition and return from Australia back home. This seemed to confirm the rumors that Peter eventually broke things off with Hannah Ann and went back to Madison.

If Peter & Madison Are Back Together Today, It’s Possible That He Will Propose to Her on ‘ATFR’

Original reports from Reality Steve suggested that Peter and Madison are presently in a very solid relationship and fully moved on from all of the drama from the end of Bachelor filming. When he amended his findings, however, he said their relationship was not as secure as original details had made it seem.

Nevertheless, Reality Steve affirmed that the expectation for many is that when Chris Harrison teased that even Peter doesn’t know how the season will end and that the real finale will take place live on “After the Final Rose,” he was alluding to an on-screen, in-the-moment proposal (and perhaps one that could potentially be answered with a “No”).

If Peter and Madison are in fact still together, it certainly seems possible that he could propose to her live on the show, and it wouldn’t be the first time that happened in the history of The Bachelor. At the end of season 22 of The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. revealed that he regretted his original engagement to Becca Kufrin, and ultimately ended it to pursue Lauren Burnham. He proposed live on ATFR to Lauren, and she accepted. The couple is currently married and have a child together.

UPDATE: At the start of the episode, Harrison reiterated that what happens during the live “After the Final Rose” is something that no one will see coming, not even Peter. He pointed out Peter’s family in the audience, as well as Neil Lane (who was carrying a briefcase that presumably contained at least one diamond engagement ring).

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