Who Does Peter Weber Dump on ‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Finale?

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Peter Weber is down to his final two ladies on The Bachelor, and fans are itching to find out how the season will wrap up. During tonight’s two-part finale, Peter Weber will propose to Hannah Ann, and then dump her, in order to pursue Madison, according to Reality Steve.

Reality Steve typically spoils the winner before the premiere episode even airs. For the first time ever, however, the ending of the season has remained a mystery… until today. On Monday morning, Reality Steve published an article detailing how this season culminates.

Read on to learn more about how The Bachelor finale will pan out, and why Peter dumps Hannah Ann.

Peter Proposes to Hannah Ann

So this is how it all goes, according to Reality Steve: both Madison and Hannah Ann meet Peter’s family. Peter’s folks were pro Hannah Ann. When Peter’s mom was crying, telling him, “Don’t let her go… bring her home to us,” that was about Hannah Ann.

Reality Steve writes, “I don’t wanna say the family didn’t like Madison, but after meeting both, the family was much more pro-Hannah Ann. But Peter’s mind is on Madison. That’s where the struggle happens.”

Madison, interestingly enough, doesn’t show up on the final rose ceremony day. She self-eliminates and heads back to the states. But Hannah Ann apparently gets cold feet, too, and considers going home. When Chris Harrison tells Peter he needs to tell him something, “that we all just found out,” it’s in regards to Hannah Ann potentially leaving.

Ultimately, Hannah Ann doesn’t leave. At the rose ceremony, Peter proposes to Hannah Ann and the two get engaged. That’s when things start to fall apart…

Peter Is Now Dating Madison

Since the engagement, Peter and Hannah Ann have broken up and the wedding has been called off. So, yes– Peter dumps Hannah Ann. In the words of Reality Steve, “When Peter broke up with Hannah Ann and ended the engagement, it was ultimately to pursue Madison.”

So, he has since decided to pursue Madi and try to win her back. This is likely where the footage of Madi filming with Bachelor production crew in Alabama comes into play.

It’s unclear exactly where Madison and Peter stand now, and that’s what will be clarified on Tuesday’s After the Final Rose. And since Hannah Ann will also be live in studio, a very tense conversation between Peter and Hannah Ann could also take place. At this point, what we’re waiting for is clarification on the status of Madison and Peter’s relationship.

In a recent interview with Variety, ABC executive Rob Mills shared, “I think there is probably one of two things that potentially can happen. I know the possibilities, but I don’t know the outcome… You really have to watch it live because there’s no way to find out what is going to unfold unless you watch it. Nobody knows — not even Peter.”

Mills goes on to say that a lot happened after filming, and a lot continues to be unclear. “It will be live on the show. Honestly,” Mills says.

Watch the two-night finale of The Bachelor tonight on ABC at 8pm ET/PT, and tomorrow at 8pm ET/PT.

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