Zen Scott Feldman, Corey Feldman’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Corey Feldman Son Zen

Getty Courtney Anne Mitchell, Corey Feldman and Zen Scott Feldman attend the 3rd annual Kodak Awards at Hudson Loft on February 15, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Zen Scott Feldman is the son of actor Corey Feldman.

Corey Feldman has spent most of his years living in the public eye. As a child actor, his career started catapulting him to fame when he starred in Stand by Me and The Goonies. The actor has been married three times, and he has one child, Zen.

Corey Feldman is releasing his documentary (my) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys on March 9, 2020. The documentary will tell of Feldman’s life as a young actor and the abuse he experienced while in Hollywood. It will name the people who allegedly abused him and former co-star and friend Corey Haim who died of pneumonia in 2010.

Throughout all the negatives, one constant positive in Feldman’s life is his son, Zen, who he looks to in order to break free of spirals of depression and keep him clean of substance abuse.

Here’s what you should know about Zen Scott Feldman:

1. Zen is Corey’s Only Child

Though Corey Feldman has been married three times, Zen is his only child. Zen was born on August 7, 2004.

When asked about whether or not Zen would be going into the movie business, Feldman is adamant that that is not something that he would want to happen, telling The Guardian simply “Hell, no!”

Feldman works with the Screen Actors Guild to create and improve safeguarding laws for children on movie sets. He continues that effort in his own life, working to keep Zen safe and happy. In an Instagram post dedicated to Zen for his birthday, Feldman said he would always be there for his son. He hoped Zen would have a “productive, positive, and powerful year.”

2. His Mom is Susie Feldman

Zen was born to Corey and Susie Feldman. The couple originally met when Susie was celebrating her 19th birthday with her friends in Hollywood, and Feldman proposed to her on Valentine’s Day in 2002.

They were married on October 30, 2002 in a ceremony that was officiated by a rabbi and MC Hammer. Together, the couple went on a honeymoon in Bora Bora and later fought for animal rights causes like PETA, Farm Sanctuary and Last Chance for Animals.

Zen was born on August 7, 2004. Zen lives with Susie in Los Angeles.

3. He Attended a Stan Lee Tribute With His Father

Corey Feldman (R) and son Zen Scott Feldman arrive at Excelsior! A Celebration Of The Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible And Uncanny Life Of Stan Lee at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 30, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

After Marvel’s Stan Lee passed away, there was a tribute to him in the TCL Chinese Theater on January 30, 2019 in order to celebrate his life. The event, which was called “Excelsior! A Celebration of the Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible and Uncanny Life of Stan Lee” featured conversations from creators and musical performances. Felman and Zen were in attendance and took a few photos in front of a wall of photos of Stan Lee.

More recently, the family went to Disney Land to celebrate the completion of Feldman’s new documentary. Zen and Feldman piloted the Millenium Falcon in the new ride, and they were able to stop and pose for pictures outside of it.

They were joined by Feldman’s wife Courtney and some friends. The photos shared on Instagram were accompanied by the hashtag #usetheforce.

4. He Has Been Kept Out of the Spotlight by His Parents

The choices of Zen’s parents thus far in his life have been to keep him safe and keep him out of the spotlight. Feldman does not want his son to be part of the Hollywood scene, which is probably because of the abuse he experienced as a child actor.

In the show The Two Coreyswhich Feldman starred in alongside Corey Haim, Zen was absent from the first season entirely. When speaking with PR, Feldman said this was the choice of the network, but he never wanted Zen to be part of the show anyway.

“Susie and my feelings are that we want to keep him as far away from the entertainment business as possible; certainly until he’s old enough to make those decisions for himself,” Feldman said.

He went on to say that though Zen has ended up on TMZ a couple times, the press has been mostly respectful of keeping Zen out of the public eye when it comes to being on camera or in magazines.

5. Feldman Credits Zen for Breaking Him Out of Depression

Courtney Anne Mitchell, Corey Feldman and Zen Scott Feldman attend the 3rd annual Kodak Awards at Hudson Loft on February 15, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Feldman struggled with depression and substance abuse in the past, and he credits his family, specifically Zen, for helping break him out of that spiral. The star told People in 2007 that Zen’s eyes and smile help a lot.

“Whereas I used to get depressed or neurotic or dwell on things, I see my son’s bright eyes and smile in the morning, and suddenly, I don’t feel like I’m depressed anymore,” he said. “There’s nothing to be depressed about when you’ve got that.”

Feldman posted on February 2 to show off Zen’s high school dance photos, writing “He is a nice young man, & these cute kids R lucky 2 have this time 2 share in their youth, an experience I was never fortunate enough 2 hav, as I never got 2 hav a prom, or take a girl 2 a HS Dance. So I’m beyond grateful that I hav been able 2 raise my son w that bit of #NORMALITY that I never knew!”

The photos featured Zen and his date getting ready for their dance and smiling for the camera.

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