Ben Schwartz’s House: Where the Comedian Calls Home

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Actor Ben Schwartz’s house was on fine display during the Parks and Recreation reunion special episode to raise money for COVID-19 relief. Where does the actor/comedian call home? Here’s what we know about Schwartz’s house.

Ben Schwartz Lives in Los Angeles

We know Schwartz is holed up in his Los Angeles-area home because on April 28, he and Thomas Middleditch met up to take a photo across the street from the billboard for their new improv show on Netflix, Middleditch and Schwartz. But he’s a born and raised New Yorker and that’s where his parents still live. In a funny video posted to Twitter, Schwarz is trying to walk his mom through logging in to Hulu so that she can watch New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference on the latest coronavirus news.

Also during the COVID-19 quarantine, Schwartz has been posting funny pictures and videos of himself, alone, at home. In one, he is “double-fisting Entenmann’s” donuts in front of eight framed stills of shows he does voiceover work for, including The Simpsons and Duck Tales.

In another shot, he shows off a beautiful gray-tiled bathroom. In a third, he has a giant roll of toilet paper that he says “started as a gag birthday gift from my sister” but has now “turned into [his] greatest treasure.”

His home is quite the step up from when he first moved to Los Angeles. In a Twitter post in 2018, he shared a throwback photo to his first “apartment” — sleeping in a tent in one of the rooms of his friends Chad and Will’s place.

Jean-Ralphio Is Lonely


During the Parks and Recreation reunion, recurring character Jean-Ralphio Saperstein was worked in by having him do a commercial… for himself. Because he’s so lonely.

“Well, hello! Where have you been hiding, you sexy little beast?” said Schwartz. “It’s your boy, Jean-Ralphio — and guess who just got run over by a Porsche?! This dude did not want o go to court, so I am flush with cash. Saturated with bills. The first thing I did, obviously, I got this enormous house. There is no furniture in here, so everything echoes!

“Next thing I did with rex on rex on rex, I got some commercial time. I know what you’re thinking — does he have a business? No, he doesn’t have a business. So what is he advertising? 930-1-Ralphio — this is my personal phone number. Call me anytime you want. I am that bored! And also, I have been banned from Cameo for doin’ my videos naked. Please call me! I am very sad.”

Unfortunately, that number has one too many digits to be real. But it would have been amazing if they had set up a number where you could listen to a recording of Schwartz in character as Jean-Ralphio.

The overall episode was incredibly cute and funny, filled with all our favorite Pawnee citizens. The reunion was put on to raise money for Feeding America. NBC Universal, Subaru, and State Farm sponsored the episode and will be matching donations up to $500,000 through May 21, 2020. The website for donating is

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