Jimmy Fallon’s House: Where His Wife & Kids Call Home

Jimmy Fallon House


Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Jimmy Fallon and other late-night hosts have been filming episodes in their homes. Fallon lives in New York with his wife Nancy Juvonen and daughters Winnie and Franny.

Fallon is one of three hosts of the One World: Together at Home concert event, which airs across a number of networks and channels online. The event begins tonight, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

Since the late-night host has been filming the episodes at home, viewers have noticed quirky details and have taken to comparing his home to a treehouse.

Read on to learn more about Fallon’s house.

Fallon’s House Features an Indoor Slide

One of the first things viewers started questioning after Fallon began his The Tonight Show: At Home Edition episodes was the fact that he has an actual slide in his house. The slide starts upstairs and comes out downstairs, and it looks like the family actually uses it quite a bit.

During the April 6, 2020 segment of “#AskTheFallons,” a viewer asked about the origin of that house slide.

“The slide is in an old barn and the only thing I knew that we wanted to do with the barn was put a slide down the middle of it… and it didn’t come out quite as cute as it should have,” Juvonen said. “The point of it was, how cute and fun is that? I go down the slide all the time. I go down with tons of laundry, I go down with anything.”

They continued, talking about how Fallon used to have an apartment with a “secret room” and talked about other ways they could incorporate secret rooms into their houses.

“We don’t actually have much of value,” Fallon’s wife said earlier in the segment when she was talking about what kind of artwork they had on their walls. “We just have things from the heart, things that we love.”

Fallon Bought a Hamptons Vacation Home in 2011

In 2011, Fallon bought the vacation home in the Hamptons. The home was built in the 1800s and features double-porches and a large entryway. It also has six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms.

According to The Blast, that vacation home is where Fallon and his family are currently living due to the coronavirus pandemic. His other home is likely in the city or nearby since that is where he normally works.

Some of the more quirky features of the home other than the slide are the playroom’s large popcorn machine and piano, and the different types of artwork that is featured throughout the home.

The house in the Hamptons sits on 2.2 acres and used to be an old horse farm. The home is 3-stories and 3,500 square feet. There were two separate gust cottages, a barn and a heated pool when Fallon bought the home. The New York Daily News reported that Fallon spent around $5.7 million for the home.

The home definitely has a cabin or woodsy aesthetic, with a ton of what looks like reclaimed-wood shelves and Fallon’s cabin-looking backdrop that was featured in his first episode from home.

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