Quibi: How & What to Watch


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Quibi, which will launch April 6, is a new mobile streaming service that features content (known as “quick bites”) that can be watched in ten minutes or less.

Designed for phones– not tablets or computers– the platform costs $4.99/month with ads, or $7.99 with no ads. (For a limited time, there will be a 90-day free trial.) Download Quibi here. Each quick bite will be released at a rate of one episode per day.

What’s available? Movies in chapters (meaning films broken up into small chapters), unscripted series (like reality shows and documentaries) and something called ‘daily essentials’ (pretty much the news. These are available daily– some at 6:30am ET, others at 12pm ET, and some at 6pm ET.) The plus-side of Quibi? All the content is high-caliber. And yes, there are some big-name celebs putting out shows.

The service is launching with 50 shows, and 125 are still coming. One of Quibi’s most exciting features is a rotational video called a “Turnstyle” that allows you to switch from landscape mode to portrait mode whenever you want; the content will change as your screen direction changes.

And while you can technically share a Quibi account with someone else, only one person will be able to watch at a time.

Read on to find out what you should be watching this April:

Chrissy’s Court

A la “Judge Judy”, this reality show stars Chrissy Tiegen, who presides over real-life small claims cases.


Dishmantled is a cooking competition series hosted by Tituss Burgess. Blindfolded chefs have food shot into their mouths by a cannon and they have to recreate the dish.

Singled Out

This blind dating show features a pool of 30 contestants who get whittled down to three finalists based on their answers to questions. Finalists then complete some, well, interesting tasks to entertain the audience.

You Ain’t Got These

The ins and out of sneaker culture are explored in Lena Waithe’s You Ain’t Got These.


Jane survives a plane crash with only one other remaining passenger, Paul. The two must trek down a snow-covered mountain if they want to make it out alive.

When the Streetlights Go On

Queen Latifah stars in this mystery that follows a young girl’s murder in a small suburban town.


Premiering April 6, this comedy series stars Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson as an unemployed couple who attempt to become a home renovation duo, only to end up kidnapped by members of a drug cartel.

Most Dangerous Game

A thriller about Liam Hemsworth, a terminally ill former athlete who agrees to be hunted for sport.

Murder House Flip

Murder and makeover don’t typically go together, but in this show they do. Home renovators Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel travel to homes with dark pasts (usually involving murder) to renovate them.

Gayme Show

Two straight contestants go head to head to be crowned “honorarily gay as f***”.


This series shines a spotlight on young athletes who could be the “next big thing.”

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