Walnita Decuir, the Mother of 3 of Boosie Badazz’s Kids

Walnita-Decuir Hatch, Boosie Badazz's Wife

Facebook/Nita Hatch Walnita-Decuir Hatch, Boosie Badazz's former girlfriend, pictured together in May 2012.

Walnita Decuir, Tracey Taylor, Trivia Weatherspoon and Gerlissa Haze are four of the mothers of Boosie BadAzz’s eight children. Two other women have children with the rapper but have not been publicly identified.

In May 2020, Boosie, 37, attracted the ire of social media after posting a now-deleted Instagram video in which he said he procured an adult woman to perform oral sex on his 14-year-old son.

Boosie Has Previously Said He Would Never Get Married

Boosie told Vlad TV in a 2017 interview that he did not believe in marriage because if he cheated, he would not want to have to split his money with his wife. Boosie said, “I don’t believe in that split, split s*** and I’m the breadwinner. ‘Cause she wasn’t getting shot with me on the corner. She didn’t teach me how to cook cocaine. She wasn’t in the studio with me rapping all those times. … I’m not finna marry a woman and I cheat on her and I got to split millions of dollars with her. Hell no!”

The Mothers of Boosie’s Children Were in Talks to Appear in a Reality Show Together in 2014

TMZ reported in March 2014 that Decuir, Taylor, Weatherspoon and Haze were in talks with multiple networks over a reality show detailing their lives and struggles. In June 2014, Boosie told 97.9 The Beat that he was not against the idea. The rapper said, “At first I wasn’t with it at all. I thought it’d make my children argue, all their mommas. I ain’t gonna stop nobody from getting money. If they want to get money, I ain’t gonna stop the show or nothing like that. I ain’t gon’ be in it. But I ain’t gonna stop them from getting their money.”

The TMZ report said the four women were in talks with Oxygen, Fuse and WE. At the time of writing, the show has not been produced.

According to Decuir’s Facebook page, she is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On that profile, Decuir has several photos showing her with her children and with Boosie. Decuir said she is married in her biography section. The page has not been updated since May 2012. In her About section, Decuir wrote:

My name is Walnita Decuir Hatch some know me as boosie ♥ Nita well I have four loving kids… And they are my everything I couldn’t ask god for nothing better well its kind of hard with Torrence not being around his kids miss him so much but we by his side no matter what free my love.

Decuir Pleaded Guilty to Smuggling Drugs Into Boosie in Prison in 2014

Walnita Decuir

Baton Rouge Police DepartmentDecuir’s mugshot from 2010.

In July 2010, while Boosie was in prison awaiting trial for the shooting of Terry Boyd, Decuir was arrested and accused of trying to bring drugs into jail, WAFB reported at the time. The WAFB report says that prior to Boosie’s arrest, he and Decuir had been living together.

Boosie was later acquitted on murder charges but spent time in prison on drug charges from 2012 until 2014. WDSU reported in 2014 that in exchange for a guilty plea, Decuir received five years of probation.

Decuir Published a Novel About a Cheating Rapper Boyfriend Who Leaves His High School Sweetheart for the Daughter of an NFL Legend

In 2014, Decuir published a novel, When the Music Stops. The book features the story of a woman from Baton Rouge who has been dating the city’s most popular rapper since she was 14. The female character is named Sherrell Devore. The rapper’s name is Baisean “Bae” Torrei. Boosie BadAzz’s real name is Torrence Hatch.

In the story, Sherrell Devore goes to prison for the rapper. Later, the rapper leaves her for the daughter of a fictional NFL great, Gene Anderson. At the time of the book’s release, Boosie was rumored to be dating Deion Sanders’ daughter, Deiondra Sanders.

According to Vlad TV, Decuir has admitted that the book “is based on her own life.” The book’s blurb ends with the lines, “It’s a perfect world until the music stops… The question is will she be able to survive the blow of ultimate betrayal delivered by her one true love.”

Boosie Said in a 2020 Interview That He Wished His Kids Had the Same Mother

In a January 2020 interview with Terri Thomas of 97.9 The Box, Boosie said he regretted the fact that his children had different mothers. Boosie said:

I’d keep my same kids, just fewer baby mothers. I feel like I should’ve skeeted in the same woman and put them all in her instead of being so young, and you gotta watch out for that, you know having kids at a young age.

I just tell them to chase they dreams. First, they gotta knock out school. School is very important to my household, to my kids because my mama raised me for that to be important in my life.

You know I motivate my kids, and I keep ’em wanting more. I’m just steady providin’ a better life for them, the childhood than what I had. That means a lot take to me, providing them a better childhood than what I had.

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