Was Jeffrey Epstein Ever Married? He Reportedly Once Said He Wanted to Marry a Teen


Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell in August 2019. He was not married when he died. In fact, the multimillionaire who was charged with sex trafficking was never married. His story and background are the subjects of a new Netflix documentary series called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. 

Epstein Never Married, But Reportedly Once Said He Wanted to Marry a Friend’s Teen Daughter

Epstein was not married when he was found dead in his jail cell. on Saturday, August 10, 2019. In fact, he was never married. The New York Post reported that Epstein once said he wanted to marry an ex-girlfriend’s teen daughter. He had dated Eva Andersson Dubin, former Miss Sweden, for 11 years in the 80s into the early 90s.

After they broke up, he said he wanted to marry her daughter Celina Dubin, Business Insider reported. In 2014, Epstein reportedly told associated that if he was ever going to marry, it would be Celina, then aged 19. There was never any evidence they had a romantic relationship.

After Epstein and Eva Dubin broke up, Eva married Glenn Dubin in 1994 and they had three children.

He Had a Number of Girlfriends, Including Ghislaine Maxwell


Jeffrey Epstein was never married. He had many girlfriends throughout his life, but he never got married and never had children.

He was previously romantically linked to Ghislaine Maxwell, who is now facing a number of lawsuits alleging that she was involved in procuring girls for Epstein. The Miami Herald reported that Maxwell used “recruiters positioned throughout the world to lure women by promising them modeling assignments, educational opportunities. and fashion careers. The pitch was really a ruse to groom them into sex trafficking, it is alleged in court records.” Maxwell has denied all the allegations.

Ghislaine met Epstein in New York after her father, media mogul Robert Maxwell, died.

Maxwell is facing a number of lawsuits against her. In May, she won a request to delay questioning against her in a civil suit brought by Annie Farmer, Fox News reported. The basis of the suit was that any testimony she gives now might incriminate her if a criminal case is brought against her in the future.

Farmer’s suit alleges that Epstein and Maxwell both sexually abused her at Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico. The civil suit seeks $634 million in damages, Fox News reported.

In March, Maxwell sued Epstein’s estate, seeking a reimbursement of security costs along with legal fees to defend herself from the many lawsuits she’s facing, The Guardian reported. She said she had “no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s alleged misconduct.”

She said she had to “find safe accommodation” and hire personal security because she had received so many death threats.

Questions about Epstein’s death increased after reports that he had broken bones in his neck. New York City’s chief medical examiner ruled that he died by hanging. TMZ reported that law officials said he died by petechial hemorrhaging. This body mark is a sign of asphyxia and is seen in both suicide by hanging and strangulation cases. Another report by Heavy discusses the broken hyoid bone, which can occur in cases of strangulation.

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