Lori Marshall, Garry Marshall’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lori and Garry Marshall

Getty Lori and Garry Marshall

Gary Marshall’s daughter, Lori Marshall, was close with her father. She’s a writer and journalist who’s led a very successful life, as many in her talented family have. Here’s what you need to know about Lori Marshall.

1. Lori Marshall Said Her Dad’s Kindness Drew People To Him

Why We Love Garry MarshallAs the world continues to mourn the loss of the late Hollywood icon, ET is celebrating his illustrious life and career that helped create many of your favorite stars.2016-07-20T23:25:37Z

Garry Marshall had three talented children with his wife Barbara Marshall: Lori, Scott, and Kathleen. Lori was born in Los Angeles on December 26, 1963, and her full name is Lorraine Gay Marshall.

Lori told The Daily Northwestern that her dad’s kindness is what drew people to him.

“For him, it wasn’t just working with these big stars, it was about being nice to them,” she said. “Finding out about their kids, finding out about their interests, finding out about who they’re dating — he always wanted people to be in a happy relationship.”

Lori has two daughters of her own: Charlotte and Lily.

2. She Co-Wrote Two Autobiographies with Her Dad


Lori, a writer and journalist, has co-written two autobiographies with her father. She and Garry wrote “My Happy Days in Hollywood” together. They also wrote, “Wake Me When It’s Funny: How to Break Into Show Business and Stay.”

In addition to her writing career, she’s had quite a few acting credits too, including New Year’s Eve, The Princess Diaries 2, Raising Helen, Exit to Eden, Frankie and Johnny, Beaches, Happy Days, and more.

3. She’s Co-Authored Productions for Children

Lori has also co-authored 10 productions for children, Narrative shared, including Cindy and the Disco Ball, The Root Beer Bandits, The Empress and Her New Clothes, and Thumbelina. The Enchanted Nightingale, which you can see an advertisement for above, is loosely based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.

4. She Said She Didn’t Have an Allowance as a Child, But Had Many Pets


She and her dad did numerous fun, lighthearted interviews about their lives with a site called Grandparents.com. In one interview, Lori said that her daughter, Charlotte, didn’t have an allowance. Garry jokingly replied, “What? That’s crazy. Bad parenting.” Lori told him that when she was growing up, Garry didn’t give her an allowance either. He said that was his “biggest regret.”

Lori said they had a lot of pets growing up and she referred to her pets as “siblings with tails.”

In an interview with her dad on Grandparents.com, she said that her daughter already had a turtle. She was thinking of adding more pets to the family, but she was worried it would be too much stress for her kids. Garry said jokingly: “Listen, I think you’re biased. You never liked pets growing up because your mother always had so many.”

She joked that her mom might’ve preferred the pets to her.

He said: “That’s not true. They just had nicer clothing than you. She loved to buy them little coats and matching collars and leashes.”

5. All Three of Garry Marshall’s Children Attended the Same University

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Garry Marshall’s family is very close. In fact, all three of his children attended Northwestern University, The Daily Northwestern shared. Lori graduated in 1986 and 1988 and said the school was part of the family. Two of his grandchildren and his sister also attended Northwestern. She said that anyone who graduated from NU was immediately considered a friend by her dad.

She told Daily Northwestern: “Northwestern taught him to be a well-rounded person. You could be in Waa-Mu, you could be on the sports team, you could do it all because it was possible.”

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