Why Maci Bookout Said Ryan Edwards Wasn’t Sober on ‘Teen Mom OG’

Maci Bookout

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout questioned Ryan Edwards' sobriety after seeing him at son Bentley's 11th birthday party.

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout questioned Ryan Edwards’ sobriety after seeing him at son Bentley’s 11th birthday party. Edwards has to stay 100-feet away from Bookout, her husband their two children after he allegedly threatened her through a text message.

Despite the protection order, Bookout invited him and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, to come to the zoo to celebrate. But Bookout said on Teen Mom OG that her ex didn’t look well.

Ryan Edwards’ Parents Don’t Give Maci Bookout Updates About His Sobriety

While Bookout has her suspicions about Edwards’ health, she doesn’t have any confirmation. Though the mother-of-three has a close relationship with Edwards’ parents–Larry and Jen Edwards–she doesn’t talk to them about their son. “They don’t update me or talk to me about it,” Bookout told In Touch Weekly in an exclusive interview on May 1.

“At the same time … I don’t ask them about it either,” the MTV reality TV star continued. “[It’s] not that I don’t care about his sobriety or don’t want him to be healthy, but … I have my own family, my own life that I have to keep [my] top priority. And it’s a tightrope to walk on.”

Though she has a rocky relationship with Edwards, Bookout has tried to remain close with his parents so Bentley would be able to have a relationship with them and his father.

In the May 5 episode of the series, Bookout questions sending Bentley to private school as he struggles through his education. It’s something the mom has lightly talked about earlier in the season. The episode description for Tuesday’s show says, “Amber’s new boyfriend comes to visit. Maci contemplates sending Bentley to a private school. Cheyenne enrolls Ryder in a preschool prep class while Cory is away competing on The Challenge. Catelynn and Tyler catch Ashley in a lie.”

Bookout Says Ryan Edwards Is 100 Percent ‘Not Sober’

Last month, Bookout was surprised to see her ex look unhealthy. “I’ve seen him look better,” the 28-year-old told her friend Katie on an episode of Teen Mom OG. “It’s the first time I’ve seen him since he got out of jail. That, in my opinion, he was 100 percent not sober.”

Bookout didn’t speak with Edwards because of the protection order, but she feared he was doing drugs again. “I just feel like the cycle’s starting all over again,” she said. “If the last year didn’t change anything, then the clock is ticking even faster at this point.”

Bookout, who’s an advocate for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), feared that Edwards would never hit rock bottom and get better. “He’ll have to lose everything,” she said. “He won’t hit rock bottom until there’s nothing for him to come back to,\.”

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