‘The Challenge’s’ Cory Wharton on His Daughter with Taylor Selfridge

Cory Wharton

Cory Wharton "The Challenge" star Cory Wharton revealed that Ryder loves to take care of her baby sister, Mila.

Challenge star Cory Wharton has gushed over his daughter, Mila, who he shares with girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. Mila was born in April, during the height of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The baby was originally supposed to be introduced to MTV fans through a special, but the network pulled the episode after firing Selfridge over past racist comments she made in 2012. Selfridge has maintained that she quit the show and that their views don’t align anymore. Though Mila and Selfridge won’t appear in the series, Wharton is continuing with MTV.

“Mila on her way to the doctor’s LMAO She is not for the games!!” Wharton wrote on Instagram on June 16. “Trust me Mila I feel the same way about 2020.” He added that the birth video, which was originally supposed to air on MTV, would now be premiering on YouTube.

Hours before the birth special was pulled on June 9, Wharton shared a heartfelt post where he talked about his love for his youngest daughter. “I know that there’s a lot going on in this country right now, but you guys know me I always try to stay positive,” he started the post. “In order for things to get better they have to get worse first and I feel like we’re on the right track. I get to share the birth of my youngest daughter Mila Mae Wharton.”

“During a Worldwide pandemic, I had one of the happiest days of my life and now I get to share it with you guys,” he continued. “You’ll see ALL the struggles it wasn’t always smiles and rainbows.”

Raising Mila Isn’t Easy

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Wharton didn’t know he was Ryder’s father until she was six months old, meaning that he missed out on her early days as a baby. The MTV reality star was thrilled he would have a chance to raise an infant with Selfridge, but it hasn’t been easy.

“It’s a lot of work. … I have to say, I had it easy with Ryder!” he told Us Weekly. Now that Mila is getting a little older, it’s starting to become more fun. “She’s making faces back at you now, she’s making little noises,” Wharton said.

Big sister Ryder, Wharton’s 3-year-old daughter from his relationship with co-star Cheyenne Floyd, loves to be with Mila. “She is such a sweet, innocent soul,” Wharton told the publication. “She wants to feed her. She wants to wipe her diaper. She’s not scared of Mila’s poop.”

Wharton Says He’s Disappointed in MTV

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Wharton was not pleased with MTV’s decision to fire Selfridge. In an Instagram Live session, he talked about how hurt he was over the network’s choice, saying that he knows his girlfriend’s heart and that she’s apologized for her previous comments.

In 2012 she tweeted things like “We have to greet everyone at work but sometimes I won’t greet the Black people because they scare me” and, “My uncle is dating an Asian. Aunt Ping please make me sushi.” She also said things like, “I hate it when white girls talk like they’re black,” and “Black p**** is probably really scary.”

Even though most of his family will no longer be on Teen Mom OG, Wharton said fans would still see him on the show. “I have not parted ways with MTV. That needs to be understood. I’ve learned that burning bridges is never the solution,” he said, as noted by Us Weekly. “Even though I have no ill-will against MTV, I am disappointed and saddened by their decision.”

Wharton fought through the statement as he held back tears. “To those of you that were ready to watch the special, I want to say thank you for your support. I have such an amazing community that supports me, my family and my daughters,” he said.

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