Who Is Lara Flumiani from ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 5?

Lara Flumiani

Lara Flumiani is one of the new cast members on "Below Deck Med."

Lara Flumiani is one of the new cast members on Below Deck Med. She’s a native of Italy and loves to travel.

In her bio on the Bravo website, Flumiani “accidentally” got into the world of yachting. While viewers aren’t familiar with her, Flumiani is no stranger to being on boats. She’s been in the industry for more than a decade.

“Having entered the yachting industry by accident but quickly falling in love, Italian native Lara has been steadily climbing the ranks for 10 years,” the description for her on Bravo reads. “After jumping around as a stew for some time, she finally got her chance to thrive as Chief Stew on a small yacht.”

Flumiani Loves to Travel

When she was younger, Flumiani didn’t envision herself traveling the world. But according to her Instagram page, she’s been to South Africa, Thailand and more countries throughout the Mediterranean.

Bravo described Flumiani as “laid-back” but previews for Season 5 showed the stewardess butting heads with some of the crew. “She does not hold back when confronting drama head-on and can be considered quite the hothead,” Bravo says. “She is not afraid to lose her cool if a fellow crew member fails to meet expectations.”

Once the yacht docks, Flumiani is happy to explore whatever the new location offers. “With endless love for culture, Lara takes full advantage of her changing scenery, hopping off-board to party and go sightseeing any chance she gets,” her bio explains.

Flumiani Is New to Social Media

Flumiani is relatively new to Instagram. Hours before Season 5 premiered, she had less than 1,000 followers and did not start her page until February 2020. She’s littered her page with selfies and pictures of her travels.

In May, she shared a video thanking her followers for all their support. “Hey guys!! So many new followers yesterday in just one day… honestly my phone went crazy!!” she wrote. “THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is me keeping it real In Greece 🇬🇷 ahaha! If nobody told you that today…..just remember that you are freaken AWESOME!!! And Lana Loves You.”

One of the jokes this season might be that the crew wasn’t originally sure if Flumiani’s first name was Lara or Lana. The trailer shows that they decided to go with Lana originally because they thought it was sexier.

Flumiani didn’t seem to mind the confusion. “Is it Lara or Lana?? Only 2 days to go!! Tune-in: Monday at 9/8c on Bravo,” she wrote while promoting the show.

In her next post, she shared a bikini picture where she placed her finger on her cheek. “Just checking some dudes out,” she captioned the photo.

To see how the new season unfolds, don’t miss Below Deck Med when it airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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