‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Jenna on Dating Adam, Madison Drama and Much More


Instagram/Bravo "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" star Jenna Macgillivray talked about what it was like to date Chef Adam Glick, drama with Madison Stalker and much more.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Jenna Macgillivray talked about what it was like to date Chef Adam Glick aboard the Parsifal III, how she dealt with Second Stewardess Madison Stalker and what Captian Glenn Shephard had to say about everything. The Canadian chief stewardess revealed she’s been catching up on this season, but there are some things she wanted to get off her chest.

One of the main things she addressed in an interview with Heavy.com was her tumultuous relationship with Madison. “I really do feel like I tried with Madison and maybe it doesn’t seem that way, but I was really frustrated with the fact that you can see in all of our interactions that anything I was telling her to do about the job she rolled her eyes, she mocks the relationship with Adam and me,” Jenna said. “She’s really the only crew member that acts that way.”

“I know that Madison is a good worker and she could be good at her job, but there was so much negativity about her being there that it wasn’t pleasant to work with her,” Jenna continued. “I’m not the only one who felt that way.”

Continue reading for five fast facts Jenna shared with Heavy.com:

1. Jenna Has Enjoyed Watching Her Relationship with Adam Unfold

The Chief Stewardess and Chef have been engaging in a fling on the Bravo reality TV show. “It’s really cute to see the relationship between Adam and I develop,” she said.

As for now, things between them remain difficult. “That relationship remains complicated,” she said when asked if there were still dating. “Obviously, there’s the fact that he lives in the States and I’m in Canada. …The whole show has been really complicated for us.”

2. Jenna Didn’t Have Any Major Problems with Parker McCown


It’s been hard for some of the crew members to get along with Parker, but Jenna didn’t have that problem.

“I really like Parker as a person and I think he was happy, excited and really wanted to learn. But I think his demise in some ways was just that instead of listening and absorbing the information, he was really argumentative,” she said.

Jenna continued:

“Again, he’s a cool person and I really like him but he couldn’t take direction without it being an argument and. I think that rubs people the wrong way. So in moments when he’s just having a good time and being fun, he’s awesome. But when he started to get really opinionated and forceful with his opinion, those are the kind of things people generally don’t like. It’s not because he has an opinion, it’s that he would force it. You just have to be easy going and just get along with everyone.”

3. Why Jenna Clashed with Madison

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Hi! So, I have mentioned before that I will ALWAYS advocate for myself, and anyone else who needs it. Being part of this process has really opened my eyes to the type of bullying and cruelty that exists online in a way that has shocked me. I am on a show. I agreed to share myself with the world and all that comes with it, however, I will remind people that I do not support abuse when I can stop it. So when people send abusive messages (that are literally repulsive to read), I will not listen to that. Some people have been shocked that I have the nerve not to allow abusive messages to remain on my own page. I am one person, but I know this goes on in various forms all over the internet and it is not ok. The hateful messages have not made me reevaluate myself (as some of you had hoped) because I am a strong woman and I know who I am in real life. It is ok to disagree with how I am as a Chief Stew, it is not ok to continually harass and verbally abuse anyone. The people that follow my page, or know me personally know who I am, and above all, I know who I am. We are all capable of making mistakes, of being short at times with others, of feeling frustrated, and I am able to recognize things I want to improve in myself as I continue to grow and learn as a person in life in general. I loved being part of the show. I loved working with the crew. And I love all the positive responses I do get. Thank you.

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It’s no secret that Jenna and Madison did not get along on Parsifal III. Jenna revealed that because of the way the show is edited, viewers aren’t getting the complete picture of what went down between them.

“Watching scenes with Madison is very hard for me to watch because they’re not necessarily showing the full amount of what happened. She cried almost every day about various things,” she said. “It was really dramatic and I found it very tiring.”

One of the things that made their relationship so difficult was how Madison talked negatively about Jenna’s relationship with Adam.

“As you can see from the episodes, she’s constantly ripping on the relationship between me and Adam. She’s telling me I got rejected and really nasty things. That wasn’t lost on me,” she said. “Would you want to work with someone who had these nasty feelings about you? She was going to everyone in the crew who would listen.”

The chief stewardess said other people made remarks about her relationship, saying it could be bad if it didn’t work out, “but no one was ripping on me like she does. I never say to her, ‘Isn’t it clear you’ve been rejected by Parker?’ I never said those things because it’s rude.”

Jenna emphasized there are things that people don’t see. “What you see on the show, imagine that times 50 and that’s what I dealt with every day with her and her attitude. She really didn’t seem to want to be there,” she said about Madison.

She also addressed Madison’s complaint that she didn’t feel valued by Jenna. “One thing they didn’t show is when we had a conversation where she said she felt like I didn’t value her, I wrote her a long letter of appreciation,” she said.

4. Jenna Tried to Be Private About Her Relationship with Adam

Jenna and Adam tried to be quiet about their relationship, but there wasn’t much room for them to hide their romance.

“The moments when I’m kissing Adam… I’m really shy about PDA. No one was around for those scenes,” she said. “So if he happens to grab me and give me a kiss on the cheek, no one was around or might walk passed.”

It’s difficult to balance your personal life with your work when you work on a sailing boat. “Your workplace is your home,” Jenna said. “So those lines get crossed sometimes.”

Moving forward, she would probably do things a little bit differently. “Would I be as publicly affectionate in the future? No. I would definitely change that because that’s not really my style,” she said. “There was nowhere to go that someone wasn’t reaming me out about.”

Jenna noted that her romance didn’t conflict with her work. “I work my ass off. You can ask anyone on the crew about that and I think the only person who might have a different opinion would be Madison,” she said.

5. What Does Captain Glenn Think of Their Relationship?

Captain Glenn generally didn’t have a problem with their relationship. “He was pretty open. I think at some point it might have come up or he might have said as long as it doesn’t interfere with work I don’t really care,” she said.

The captain isn’t shy and if he had an issue with the chef dating the chief stewardess he would say something. “People need to give Glenn some credit because if he had a problem he would come to me. And he might do that as the season goes on,” she teased. “Glenn’s a happy person. He was happy that we were falling in love and he was stoked about that so he’s not one to typically interfere with that.”

Since the show has been airing, Jenna revealed she’s been facing a lot of backlash online, which varies between people calling her lazy, bossy or talking about her relationship with Adam. “People don’t seem to be happy with whatever I’m doing. A lot of that is focused on this relationship with Adam,” she said. “Keep in mind, the show would be really boring if there wasn’t those type of dynamics going on.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Below Deck Sailing Yacht when it airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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