‘Killer Camp’ Spoilers: Find Out the Killer’s Identity Here

Bruce, the murderous handyman being controlled by the killer on The CW's Killer Camp

The CW Bruce, the murderous handyman being controlled by the killer on The CW's Killer Camp

There’s a new reality show gracing the airwaves this summer that feels a bit like The Mole, Whodunnit, and Murder in Small Town X, with some Love Island and Big Brother thrown in. It features 11 strangers who thought they were going on a summer camp reality show, but actually ended up at a murder camp.

Over the season, the killer amongst them works to sabotage their prize money and also selects one person each week to be “killed off” by the murderous handyman, Bruce. The contestants are given clues to the killer’s identity and are working to unmask him or her in order to win the prize pot. The killer earns money by sabotaging challenges and also if he or she remains undetected.

The show originally aired in the U.K. over five nights leading up to Halloween last fall. Because of that, it is possible to find spoilers out there, though they are not the easiest things to track down.

So if you want to know the general way the season shakes out, the spoilers Heavy found are below. But BE WARNED that the killer is revealed.


The Victims

This is your last chance. Stop reading if you don’t want to know the identities of the victims and the killer.


Based on some search results for the now-deleted Killer Camp Instagram page, plus a peek at a U.K. YouTube playlist, we can safely say that Feargal Parham, Nurry Lee, Rosie Ford, and Warren Spencer are victims. The first two obviously died in the premiere. Based on reports from some U.K. newspapers, it sounds like Warren dies in episode two… by a penis in the eye. Yes, really. It’s a statue’s penis, but still.

Based on the YouTube playlist, Rosie dies by hot tub electrocution, we think in episode four. The death in episode three is something we’ll discuss below.

The Killer

Again, stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled about the killer’s identity.


According to a message board discussion and a YouTube Q&A by cast member Holly Laverack, there are two killers running around. Now, the message board commenters think there’s no way that the two killers were working together. They hypothesize that the campers figured out the first killer’s identity too quickly, so the producers had him out himself as the killer, and then it sounds like he was killed off by killer No. 2.

It’s possible that even if the campers figured it out, it was the plan all along to have two killers, but perhaps killer No. 2 didn’t know he was the second killer until it happened as they were filming — because how would the clue situation work if there were always two killers? That seems pretty unfair to the contestants.

But either way, this is how it goes down. It sounds like in episode three, Rob Jones announces he is the killer and then is taken out by killer No. 2. He’s the episode three death.

Then there is no finale death; instead, the campers work to figure out who the second killer is. It turns out to be Carl Woods, but it sounds like the cast votes for Sam Avery, with Sam being the only person saying it’s Carl. And since the majority didn’t identify Carl as the killer, he wins the money.

Killer Camp airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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