Twitch Streamer Ohlana Dies at 26: Report

Lannie Ohlana Twitch Streamer Dead


Twitch streamer Lannie “Ohlana” has died after posting tweets and an Instagram story that drew concern from fans. As reported by, Ohlana died due to an apparent suicide, though that has not been independently confirmed.

Ohlana had recently hit 100,000 followers on Twitch. She streamed games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and also streamed IRL (in real life) travel content.

Ohlana Tweeted Concerning Messages Before Her Death

Ohlana fans became alarmed after she tweeted three seemingly concerning messages in early July.

On July 5, 2020, Ohlana tweeted, “everyday just gets harder man,” which led to followers reaching out to her in a show of support.

Later on July 5, she tweeted about depression. The streamer wrote, “depressed people struggle to reach out in fear that the ones closest to them will have cops show up and forcefully confine them against their will. so they’re stuck feeling alone with their dark thoughts because they don’t want to be trapped where they just feel worse.”

Then, on July 6, in her last tweet, Ohlana wrote, “it’s not anybody’s fault.”

She also posted an Instagram story about moving on to the next chapter on July 6.

“I have cried, loved, and shared so many great memories with so many of you who are still or used to be in my life,” she wrote. “I thank all of you for letting me. I look back in awe of all the opportunities I have been given in my life and I am appreciative. From surviving off video games to travelling the world on an impulse… but most importantly all of the people I’ve met during this run.”

She continued the note, ending by thanking fans and telling them, “It’s a beautiful day today. Go out and enjoy it for me.”

Fans Mourned the Loss of Ohlana

After hearing of her death, fans took to Twitter to talk about how much they would miss Ohlana’s streams and content. Many also talked about the rash of apparent suicides among Twitch streamers recently, including Reckful, who was 31 and a fixture in the World of Warcraft community, and Blue622, a 36-year-old Grand Theft Auto roleplayer.

“I can’t believe yet another streamer has passed away. To think that I was watching [Ohlana’s] stream the other day, rest in peace,” one user tweeted. “Life is rough, you don’t have to go through it alone. Talk to someone, just don’t let it eat you up inside.”

A user named Kevin, who was close with Ohlana, confirmed her death in a thread under her tweet, writing, “Hi all, Lannie has passed and is no longer with us. My condolences go out to her family. RIP.”

Jenny “Bawnsai,” who sometimes made content with Ohlana, wrote, “I’m really glad I got to meet you. The time we spent together was short but sweet, just like you LOL. Omg you were so funny. I always wished we had more time together. I’ll miss you my friend. Rest easy.”

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