Sebastian Stan: Twitter Users Try to Cancel ‘Winter Soldier’ Star & Girlfriend Alejandra Onieva

Alejandra Onieva

Alejandra Onieva attends "Alta Mar" second season preview by Netflix at Noia Festival, at the hometown of its creator, Ramon Campos, on November 8, 2019 in Noia, Spain.

Sebastian Stan and Alejandra Onieva are coming under scrutiny from Twitter users who are demanding that the pair are canceled because Onieva wore an Asian dress at a party in April 2018. The couple have been linked together in various tabloid reports since July 2020.

The issue began on July 13 when a Twitter user named @Angelas550 posted the photo Onieva, 28, along with her friend, Spanish journalist Casilda Aguilera. Both appear to be wearing Japanese geisha garb. The original caption on the photo was “Asian night.” The photo came from Aguilera’s Instagram account. At the time of writing, the photo has been deleted. A version of the photo also appeared on Onieva’s account, which has also been deleted.

Onieva is an actor in her own-right appearing in the Netflix series, High Seas. According to her IMDb page, Onieva is a native of the Spanish capital Madrid. On her official website, Onieva says that she is a fluent English speaker.

‘SebastianStanIsOverParty’ Became a National Twitter Trend on July 14

@Angela550 tweeted alongside the photo, “what the F*** is an “asian night” ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? THIS IS NASTY. #SebastianStan.” By July 14, the hashtag “sebastianstanisoverparty” was a Twitter trend in the United States.

@Angela550 later tweeted that she had been blocked by both Stan and Onieva’s official Instagram accounts. The user added that she was “so f***ing hurt” while also saying, “I have literally stood by him for YEARS. As a member of the Asian community, I was so upset by her post, I just wanted her to delete it and realize it was wrong. He literally blocked me.”

Stan Has Already Attracted Criticism for Going on Vacation With Onieva to Spain During Quarantine

In July 2020, Onieva and Stan were pictured together by Extra on vacation on the island of Ibiza in Spain. Spanish tabloid Hola noted in their report on the pair’s vacation that neither had made direct reference to the relationship on their social media pages. Around the time that the tabloid photos emerged, Onieva did post a photo of her with Spanish actor and model Jon Kortajarena.

One Twitter user tweeted on July 14, “First he went on vacation during a pandemic and then he blocked fans for calling out his racist girlfriend?”

Stan said in a May 2020 interview with The Cut that he couldn’t imagine leaving New York City during the coronavirus quarantine. Stan said in the same interview that he became very interested in photography during the lockdown. Stan also said in the piece, “I’m in a relationship with this city, to some extent. It made so much possible for me in this country, so I don’t want to abandon it.”

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