Jason Mesnick’s Wife & Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jason & Molly Mesnick

Instagram via Jason Mesnick Jason & Molly Mesnick and family.

Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor is featured on August 10’s special episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever. Mesnick notoriously chose contestant Melissa Rycroft, before changing his mind and ending his relationship with Rycroft to be with Molly Malaney.

His choice seems to have been the right one, as Jason and Molly are still together and married today. They had their daughter Riley in 2013 and Molly is step-mom to Jason’s teenage son Ty.

Ahead of their episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!, here’s what you need to know about Jason Mesnick’s wife Molly and their kids Ty and Riley:

Jason & Molly Celebrated Their 10th Wedding Anniversary This Year

Jason and Molly got married in 2010 following their season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2009. On their 10th anniversary, the Mesnicks shared sweet and romantic posts to one another on Instagram. Molly wrote,

I don’t think anyone really knows just how incredible @jasonmesnick is… He goes to workout EVERY morning. He reads from a book everyday. He is WILDLY successful in his career – giving 150% to his work, while also giving 160% to his family. He coaches Riley’s teams and shows up to EVERY single one of Ty’s games (corrected by Ty: he’s at 98% of Ty’s games). He legit maintains every relationship in his life – never going too long without connecting with a friend (whether it’s over lunch, coffee or on the phone)! He’ll be a single digit handicap golfer this year, does all the laundry, never complains, never gets rattled, and this all isn’t even half of it! @jasonmesnick – you are SUPERHUMAN! I strive to be more like you every single day, and am so proud to call you my partner! Happy 10 year anniversary – I can’t wait to see what the next 100 brings us! (Just kidding – we’ll be dead by then, but you know what I mean).

Jason wrote a long post in honor of his wife. At one point in the caption, he wrote, “Where do I start Mrs. Mesnick. Let me apologize publicly again for putting you through the Bachelor mess that I created. With that being said… it built an incredible, unique, foundation for us to build our family – showing that we can make it through anything.”

2. Molly Is the ‘Bonus Mom’ to Mesnick’s Son Ty, From His Previous Marriage

When Mesnick became the Bachelor, he was already a father to his young son Ty. Mesnick co-parents Ty with his ex-wife Hilary Buckholz, whom he divorced 2007.

In Molly’s Instagram bio, she proudly calls herself “Bonus Mom to Ty.” Mesnick has commented on how great Molly is with Ty, and how she’s stepped in as another parental figure in his life since they first got together. On social media for their 10-year anniversary, Mesnick said of his wife, “Without a beat, she became a step-mom at age 25 and has been there, unconditionally, for Ty for 10 years.”

3. Ty Found Mesnick’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’ on Netflix

Ty was only 5 years old when Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor first aired; he is 15 years old now. In December 2019, Mesnick told his social media followers that the day he’d been dreading had finally arrived – Ty had found his season as the lead of the reality dating show. On Instagram, he humorously asked for advice, revealing, “Let’s pretend YOU were The Bachelor and your 15-year-old son just discovered your season on @Netflix… Do you: A.) Let him watch it? B.) Ship him off to Switzerland for a few years until it comes off Netflix.”

Mesnick shared the funny anecdote on Twitter, too, writing, “Ty is going to be 15 in a few weeks and a friend of his told him that our season of the show is on Netflix,” he wrote. “I knew this day would come and it’s HERE!!!!”

4. Molly Has Been Homeschooling Their Daughter Riley Through the Pandemic

Jason, Molly, and their kids have been quarantined at home through the pandemic. Since Ty and Riley are both school-age, their pandemic isolation came with an extra set of challenges: homeschooling.

Molly has documented pieces of her experience homeschooling Riley on Instagram; on Riley’s last day of school, Mesnick shared a side-by-side comparison of Riley’s first and last days of first grade, reflecting, “I’d typically be sad to see another school year go by, but this lady is REALLY excited to have a break from moonlighting as a teacher!”

5. Riley Loves Makeup & Jason Calls Her ‘Mini-Molly’

On Instagram, Mesnick told his fans and followers, “I wish you could all see the way Riley looks up to her. Riley sees all that Molly is and is the perfect Mini-Molly.” Based on their social media posts, it seems that Molly and Riley have a really cute mother-daughter relationship and share a lot together as Riley continues to get older.

Mesnick told Us Weekly that her daughter has an interest in makeup and watching beauty tutorials: “The other day, I was putting on bronzer and she’s like, ‘Oh, I could really use some bronzer right now.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re 6! How do you know what bronzer is?’” To support her interest, she said she’ll let Riley put on lipstick for special occasions.

On Instagram, Mesnick showed off some photos of Riley after she did her makeup at home. In the caption, she wrote, “Riley asked me to do her makeup this morning…and holy wow, she looks 18! (PS – it was just for fun – chill out to anyone wanting to mom-shame me for this. She knows she looks the most beautiful without makeup).”

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever! airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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