‘Idol’ Star Reveals She Won’t Be Marrying Longtime Boyfriend

American Idol season 20 reunion

Getty 'American Idol" reunion show in May 2022

“Get off our backs!” That’s the message — delivered with equal doses of humor and exasperation — that “American Idol” alum Caleb Lee Hutchinson has for fans who keep asking why he hasn’t proposed to season 16 winner Maddie Poppe. Even if he did, the answer would be no.

The pair, who both appear in the music video for Poppe’s recent single, “The One That Got Away,” met and fell in love behind the scenes on the show, and wound up competing against one another in the grand finale. But in a new podcast, the couple revealed that though they’re still together four years later, they have no plans to tie the knot and would love for fans to stop asking about it.

‘Idol’ Stars Are Tired of Being Asked About Marriage

Caleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe

GettyCaleb Lee Hutchinson and Maddie Poppe at “American Idol” reunion show in May 2022


During a funny and insightful interview on the August 31, 2022 episode of the new Green Couch Podcast, hosted by Hutchinson from his own green couch, the country singer welcomed his longtime girlfriend as his second guest on the show.

“Hopefully you’re comfortable here, in what is essentially your own home,” he said sarcastically. “Thanks so much for making the journey.”

During the 49-minute podcast, Poppe answered questions about the pressures of winning the show, the ups and downs of her career and mental health, and the topic they both said their fans ask about constantly: the status of their relationship.

“We have been dating for over four years now,” Hutchinson said. “And we are not engaged. We’ve had no children. I get messages every day, essentially saying ‘why don’t you propose?’ as if you’re a damsel in distress just waiting and hoping that I get the signal.”

Hutchinson then said he’d like “once and for all” to address the situation publicly.

“I am young. I am 24 years old,” Poppe said. “My parents had two children by this time in their lives. However, that was 1997, okay? Different world back then. Also, they are Midwesterners and in the Midwest it’s very common to get married at this age.”

Hutchinson, who grew up in Georgia, interjected, “In the South, as well.”

“I just want to say I’m too young. I’m not ready for that,” Poppe continued. “I am living a more LA and New York lifestyle. That’s what I want to live. Those people out there, it’s totally normal to be single and not get married till you’re 40, and then not even have kids. Like that’s a normal lifestyle on the coasts, to be honest. I don’t see any problem with me not being married or engaged right now.”

Poppe, who’s been busy touring with fellow ‘Idol’ alums including season 20 standouts Fritz Hager and Leah Marlene, continued, “We’ve got lives to live. I see being engaged as being like, oh gosh, the next step to adulthood. I’m not ready to be an adult yet. I feel like a child still. That could change any day because I am kind of a basket case in case you can’t tell.”

The couple frequently leaned into each other and smiled as they discussed their perspective.

“Neither one of us are going anywhere,” Hutchinson said. “We’ve had the conversation. I think there’s an idea that if I don’t marry you, then you are actively searching for someone else and so am I. Like you’re either off the market or you’re on it. And I think it can be true that we are dating monogamously and not looking for anyone else.”

Wrapping his arm around Poppe’s shoulders, he continued, “What I’m saying is you and I love each other, have a great relationship that grows stronger every day. And we don’t have to get married to prove to anyone that we’re in love. We’ve got a lot of life to live. You guys need to quit asking and get off our backs.”

Poppe sarcastically added, “Yeah, leave us alone. Buy our music and leave us alone!”

Couple Says If They Do Get Married, They’ll Do It Alone

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson

YouTubeMaddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson on the Green Couch Podcast, August 2022

The “American Idol” couple hasn’t written off marriage entirely, though. They admitted that when they do decide they’re ready, they’ll elope.

“Let me tell you this,” Hutchinson said to fans listening to the podcast. “When we do get married, you’re not getting invited! Courthouse, baby!”

“Umm, no. I want to go, like, to like Jamaica or something,” Poppe replied. “But just us two. No one else is coming with us. We’re not paying for other people to celebrate our day!”

“Have you told your parents about this plan?” Hutchinson asked, adding that he hadn’t informed his.

Poppe paused and then said, “They’re gonna learn about it now if they watch this!”

Hutchinson, who’s known for his deadpan humor, said, “We’re gonna get some phone calls.”

Poppe then continued, “No one else is coming with us. I want it to be you and me. That is what it’s about. I’m not paying for other people to eat at a buffet line!”

The singer, who just released a new single called “Peace of Mind,” said she wants to spend the $20,000 they would have spent on a wedding on themselves.

“I want to be selfish for once,” she said. “Just kidding! I’m always selfish!”

Hutchinson cracked, “I think it’s good you’re thinking about yourself for once” and Poppe punched his shoulder, giggling.

To end the podcast, Hutchinson joked, “Guys, if you’d like to support Maddie Poppe and keep her from having mental breakdowns, and thus thrusting us further and further from marriage, please go to MaddiePoppe.com.