Jennifer Hudson Spotted With Fellow Music Star at Usher Concert

Jennifer Hudson on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show'

Warner Brothers Jennifer Hudson on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show'

Despite still not confirming their relationship, Jennifer Hudson and Common appeared to have enjoyed another date night together. On December 2, the multi-talented pair were spotted attending an Usher concert together in Las Vegas.

It’s no secret that Hudson is a big fan of the popular entertainer. During an October episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Hudson could barely contain herself as she discussed eventually attending Usher’s concert series in the future. She told her studio audience what her normal routine is before attending any concert.

“I love concerts, right? I make a point to go and I love getting into character, like the artist and stuff, you know?” she said to the audience. “I go to have a good old time and sit back. And then somehow they want to throw Jennifer on the stage with him. Now I can do that at the singing shows. But Jennifer can’t do that at the Usher show. Usher be out there skatin’, then he get his little moonwalk on and dancing, that’s not my department.”

Fans React to Jennifer Hudson’s Date Night

Just two months after Hudson joked about being thrown on stage, the exact thing she predicted happened. Usher walked over and pulled Hudson up and began performing “There Goes My Baby” while hugging her. Although she wasn’t brought up on stage, Hudson enjoyed a very special moment with Usher as Common sat back and watched. And fans on social media are eating it up.

“You got Common and then you got Usher. Okay I see you Jen!!!” wrote one user on Instagram.

“Common is the real star of this video, he said let me show y’all how real men react at one of these concerts. He took his lady there to have a good time and that’s exactly what the energy says. Not an insecurity in sight,” added a second fan.

“The way Common moved that table is the energy a man should have! If she gone cheat or play she will do it in your face anyway. I need to see how my lady carry herself with me at a Usher concert! They all on the same level Common definitely ain’t concerned about losing her!” chimed in a third commenter.

Whether or not Hudson and Common are an official couple, it appears that the two know how to have a good time together.

Jennifer Hudson & Common’s Relationship Timeline

Since 2017, Hudson’s romantic life has remained a mystery — at least in the public eye. But in the early part of 2022, many insiders began to speculate on a possible relationship between Hudson and Common.

Dating rumors gained traction when they were spotted together in Philadelphia and Chicago. This was shortly after it was announced in May 2022 that they would be co-starring in the action-thriller film “Breathe” together.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight in September 2022, Hudson was asked about her possible relationship with Common. “People create their narratives of it and it’s like, OK, you know, how you feel,” she said when asked about the rumors. “We shot a film together and he played my husband. We gotta eat in between those moments.”

In June 2023, Common appeared on “TODAY.”

“I’ll say, speaking of Chicago, she’s a Chicagoan, this amazing human being — I’ve always been inspired by her,” he said. “She’s one of the most beautiful people I ever met on the planet. Incredible heart, and she’s just dope, man.”

While out and about in Los Angeles, Hudson was asked about the relationship rumors with Common. “The rumors say a lot of things,” she told TMZ in August. “He’s a beautiful man, I will give you that.”

In November 2023, Hudson joined “CBS Mornings” to talk about her own talk show. Eventually, the conversation turned to her personal life. Host Gayle King asked Hudson about her “very nice relationship with someone who shall remain nameless.”

Hudson couldn’t help but smile as she attempted to answer King’s question as discreetly as possible. “I am very happy, yes, ma’am,” she said.