Why Fans Think a Platinum Ticket Winner Quit ‘American Idol’ Season 20

Kenedi Anderson

ABC Kenedi Anderson and Jordan Chase

Season 20 of “American Idol” is well underway, with the field of contestants narrowed down to the top 59 going into the Showcase round.

After the Hollywood Duet challenge episode aired on April 3, 2022, however, some fans have noticed that one contestant’s duet was missing from both social media and YouTube, leaving them to think that one of the contestants may have quit or been asked to leave “American Idol.”

Kenedi Anderson, a Platinum Ticket winner, and Jordan Chase, are the two contestants in question.

Season 20 has already seen this happen. Earlier this season, the show aired an audition from a contestant named Normandy, but they never acknowledged her on social media or posted her audition. She later confirmed she’d been uninvited from Hollywood Week in a TikTok she posted.

Fans Think Anderson or Chase Was Uninvited

Some fans took to Reddit to speculate about why the artists are missing from the social media presence of the show.

“There’s always one contestant who gets kicked off the show or quits early every season,” the first Reddit thread on the subject reads. “I’m betting Kenedi is gone. She probably got caught promoting her music on alternate venues, as previous other contestants have done, which got them booted. Maybe there’s another explanation for them not being acknowledged ANYWHERE, but I highly doubt it.”

One person wrote, “Kenedi Benson Boone’d them.”

Benson Boone was a contestant on season 19 of “American Idol,” but he quit before the Hollywood Week began airing, so the only airtime he got on the show was his audition, which was well-received.

“It would be funnier if she got the boot than if she got picked up by someone else, not that that did anything for [Benson Boone],” one person wrote.

It’s also possible Jordan Chase is actually the contestant who leaves. He has not been seen previously on the season, but since the show would want to air performances from the “Platinum Ticket” winners, they would show his duet with Anderson.

“I have a different theory. It relates only to the other singer,” one person commented.

Another thread points out that the duet was “removed” from YouTube, though it was previously posted.

It’s possible that the duet was removed for some other reason and that there’s a different explanation for the contestants not being featured on social media.

Heavy has reached out to ABC for comment.

How Far Do the Contestants Make It?

Possible spoiler for “American Idol” season 20 follows. 

Both Chase and Anderson are listed as being part of the season 20 top 24 contestants, so if either of them quit, it was after Hollywood Week and the Showstopper round.

After the duet, Chase took to Instagram to thank Anderson and say he was going live following the episode.

“We did that !!” he wrote. “I love you so much !!!! We going live after this episode.”

He also shared another post about the duet.

“Words can’t explain how amazing it was to sing with you how much fun we had,” he wrote. “Talking like what are we doing on this freaking show right now how did we get here… Hope everyone enjoyed the show tonight Thank you so much for all the support so far. On to show stoppers ! I love this amazing idol family!”

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.

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