‘American Idol’ Winner Laine Hardy Lets Fans Name New Song

Laine Hardy is writing new music

Laine Hardy / YouTube Laine Hardy is writing new music

“American Idol” season 17 champion Laine Hardy has had a year of ups and downs. The musician and singer, who recently parted ways with Disney Music Group and record label 19 Entertainment, is trying something new out by letting fans name his newest song.

Hardy posted the song, an electric guitar melody that features a lot of quick pick work, on his Instagram, writing “seeing my facial expressions almost made me not post this video 😂 & i have no clue what i’m playing so i’ll let y’all give it a name!” Fans are happy Hardy decided to post the video, which has amassed over 300 comments.

See the video, along with some of the fans’ suggest names, below.

What Do Fans Want to Call Laine Hardy’s New Song?

Laine Hardy’s fans had a lot of ideas when the 22-year-old musician opened up the comments to name his newest guitar riff. Many took inspiration from the singer’s use of the phrase “facial expressions” in the caption and his initial insecurity with that aspect of the video.

“You want a name. I’ve listened to it 3 times and the title that comes to me…Expressions From The Heart. 💜🎸💜🎤💜” one fan wrote.

“Kaleidoscope of Expression”, another fan suggested.

“‘Expressions’ named it got some soul in there you Bringing it Laine 💜💜💜🔥”, a third fan commented.

Another theme that arose came from Hardy’s Louisiana roots. Hardy’s debut EP as a solo artist came out in 2018, one year before he won “American Idol”, and was all about his home state. The three-track EP, titled “In the Bayou”, contains a song of the same name, as well as two other songs, “Louisiana Lady” and “Hurricane”, which contains lyrics about the state’s annual Hurricane season:

I don’t mind the strain of a hurricane
They come around every June
The high black water, a devil’s daughter
She’s hard, she’s cold, and she’s mean
But nobody taught her it takes a lot of water
To wash away New Orleans

Continuing with this line of thinking, many fans suggested names with the word “bayou” in them. Hardy received comments asking him to name the song “Bayou Callin ‘Me Back”, “Bayou Blues”, “Back to My Roots”, and “Hot Louisiana Night”.

Laine Hardy Has Been Working on New Music

Laine Hardy’s untitle guitar solo is not the only new music the singer is working on. Hardy has had a very busy year. The singer was arrested in April 2022 for allegedly placing a recording device in his ex-girlfriend’s dorm room, less than a year after releasing his August 2021 debut album, “Here’s to Anyone”.

Since his arrest, the singer has returned to Instagram after taking time away, and has been posting snipets of new songs he has been working on.

In “That Man”, which Hardy wrote with Kylie Sackley and Grant Vogel, Hardy sings of his desire to be a better man. Hardy has also posted multiple rehearsal videos to Instagram, sharing updates as he plays around on his guitar and writes new music and lyrics around his home. He even dusted off a 2019 track called “Rope Swing”, which he co-wrote with JT Harding and Jordan Minton.

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Marjorie Barnhill
Marjorie Barnhill
27 days ago

I love Laine Hardy ..he is a talented guitarist and his vocals are so special and beautifully soulful. I hope to see this young man get the proper exposure ,his new music is brilliant… Shine bright Laine.. an army of fans are behind you all the way!!!

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