‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Says He & HunterGirl ‘Fight All the Time’

Noah Thompson, HunterGirl


Ever since “American Idol” season 20 winner Noah Thompson faced off with HunterGirl in their season’s 2022 finale, fans have hounded them both about whether they’re dating. Not only have they both denied rumors of any romance between them for over a year, but Thompson has now revealed that the two country singers actually “fight all the time.”

In a podcast interview with Hollywood Life published on July 11, 2023, Thompson shared what his relationship with HunterGirl is really like and why he’s obsessed with listening to and writing “sad songs” lately. Here’s what you need to know:

Noah Thompson Says He Fights With HunterGirl About ‘Stupid Things’

Thompson, 21, and HunterGirl, 25, became close while filming “American Idol” and have since released a duet of his hit song, “One Day Tonight,” and gone on tour together. But with all that together time, Thompson told Hollywood Life, they have a tendency to get on each others’ nerves.

“We fight so much,” he revealed. “Like, honest to God, we do. We’re just like brother and sister, man. It’s kinda bad, though.”

“Towards the finale of the show,” he continued, “Hunter and I really started getting closer, man … they put our trailers together, and we were just up each other’s butt the whole time, for a month and a half straight, you know what I mean?”

“And we started getting really close. Because a lot of my friends got voted off, a lot of her friends got voted off, so it was kinda coming down to (the finale). But God, we would fight over stupid stuff, man. Like if the trailer was too cold, she’d flip out and I thought it was too hot, and then we would frickin’ fight over that. Just all kinds of crap.”

When the two hit the road together last year for their first tour, Thompson said their fighting didn’t improve. In November, Thompson shared a behind-the-scenes video of the two trying to film a promo for their next concert date, during which they kept messing up their lines. When a producer said something was interfering with their mics, HunterGirl quipped, “He’s always interfering!” And Thompson laughed, “You shut your mouth. Shut up!”

“We went on tour together and it was like, ‘Oh my God, the same ordeal,'” he told Hollywood Life. “You know man, we’re just fighting about stupid things. But I love her to death though, man. Hunter’s like my sister.”

Noah Thompson Isn’t Dating HunterGirl, But Alludes to 2022 Breakup With Son’s Mom

Shortly after season 20 of “Idol” ended in May 2022, Thompson posted photos and videos of himself in Nashville for shows, record label meetings and hangouts with friends including HunterGirl, which was enough for some fans to wonder if their friendship had turned romantic. Thompson’s rumored breakup that summer with Angel Dixon, the mother of his son Walker Lee, further fueled speculation of a new romance. But both rising stars have insisted repeatedly that they’re just friends.

During an interview on Evan Paul’s  “Taste of Country Nights” radio show in June 2023, HunterGirl said, “We were never together. I think it was just being the top two (on ‘Idol’) and then coming off into that tour and stuff. You know, there’s always going to be people talking and stuff, but no. No.”

During his Hollywood Life interview, Thompson all but confirmed his split with Dixon, who still lives in Kentucky with their two-year-old while Thompson now lives in Nashville, shuttling back and forth in order to spend time with his son. His new album, “Middle of God Knows Where,” is named after the title track.

He said, “That’s a song that I wrote not long after I got off the show, really. And it was about a time I was going through … you know, a break up obviously.”

Though that was a year ago, Thompson said that on his drive to see his son or on the way back to Nashville, he still frequently listens to or comes up with ideas for sad breakup songs, he said.

“I’ve been writing a lot of breakup stuff,” he said. “I wanna write stuff I wanna listen to. I listen to breakup songs all the time. I listen to sad country music. I listen to sad rock music. I listen to sad, I just listen to sad songs.”

“I’m just a depressing guy,” he laughed.

Thompson said he tries to see Walker Lee whenever he’s not on the road or in writing sessions, occasionally posting photos of their time together, like recent photos of their day at the Nashville Zoo.

“I go back and forth from home to Tennessee just a lot now,” he said. “I get him, either bring him down here with me or I go home for a couple of days, just to kind of be with him on the days that I have off. But it’s working out, you know.”

“It kinda is what it is, man, but I know that what I’m doing is going to benefit him and benefit me more than anything (else) I could ever possibly do in my lifetime,” he continued. “I just gotta keep that in mind, man, and know that I’m doing way better things for him in the long run … stay strong about it. But I get to see him a lot. I FaceTime his mom and stuff, talk to him.”

Little Walker recently attended one of his dad’s concerts in Kentucky, dancing off to the side of the stage in videos that Dixon posted on Facebook in early July.

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