‘American Idol’s Noah Thompson Breaks Silence After Winning Competition

Noah Thompson

ABC/Eric McCandless Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson was crowned the winner of ABC’sAmerican Idol” season 20 on May 23, 2022. Afterward, the singer shared his thoughts about winning the competition.

The day after the 20-year-old singer was crowned the winner, Thompson posted on Instagram to thank his fans and share his feelings about the win.

“Had a hard time making this post because I truly couldn’t find the words to say,” he wrote. “I was in complete shock this moment and I still am and I probably always will be! Thank you all for giving me this opportunity, thank you for everyone who voted, thank you guys so much for everything!!”

He added, “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all so thank you guys so so much. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and seeing where this thing goes. Love all of you all. #americanidol #inshock #thankyall.”

Thompson & Huntergirl Appeared on ‘Good Morning America’

The morning after winning the competition, Thompson and the runner-up, Huntergirl, appeared on “Good Morning America” to talk about the competition and what it was like to win the show.

“I was kinda, just shocked, you know?” Thompson shared when asked what was going through his mind when he heard his name as the winner of the competition. “Like, truthfully, I came into this competition not even thinking that I’d get a Golden Ticket, so, to hear my name at the end, that was amazing.”

He said that he was going to go home to tell his son, Walker, that he was the “American Idol.”

Thompson was signed up to audition for the competition by his friend, Arthur, who also came to his audition with him. When asked what he was going to say to Arthur, Thompson said that he wanted to give him a “big old hug.”

“I’ll thank him for all this, because he’s… Arthur’s the one who believed in myself throughout this whole process before I even believed in myself,” Thompson shared. “I would just thank him for that.”

Michael Strahan then asked Huntergirl what the highlight of her competition was.

“It’s crazy, it’s been a year of my life, you know… Getting to sing with Carrie Underwood was something I’d never dreamed of,” she said.

She added, “I think this year has probably been the craziest and the best year of my life.”

Chayce Beckham & Thompson May Collaborate In the Future

In an Instagram Live session after his appearances on morning shows, Thompson welcomed season 19 “American Idol” winner Chayce Beckham, who seemed to tease a collaboration in the future.

During the Live, Beckham shared that he’d “love to get in a room” with Thompson and Huntergirl and do some work together. He also asked if they’d be coming to his concert in Nashville in just a few weeks. When they said they’d be there, Beckham insinuated that he’d invite them on to perform with him, finishing his appearance on the video by saying “wink, wink” and wishing the two singers well before signing off.

“American Idol” is expected to return for season 21 in early 2023.

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