Ashley Iaconetti Shares What She Really Thinks About Nick Viall

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Getty Ashley Iaconetti and Nick Viall.

One of Bachelor Nation’s stars is telling all about Nick Viall.

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Ashley Iaconetti Haibon shared her thoughts about Viall in a lengthy Instagram post after Viall and Natalie Joy announced their engagement last week. “For the rest of my life, it’s you,” Viall wrote on Instagram with a photo showing him with Joy.

“Nick has been the closest thing Jared and I have ever had to a brother. We bicker and call each other out on our s***, but if you’re one of the people Nick brings into his heart, he’ll love and support you through everything,” Iaconetti Haibon wrote in the post on the joint Instagram page she shares with her husband Jared Haibon.

Viall responded in the Instagram comment thread, “I truly love both of you so much. Family.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Revealed That Nick Viall Can Be Guarded but Has a ‘Mushy Side’

Iaconetti described Viall’s personality in the lengthy post.

“Because he can be guarded, when he shows that mushy side it’s even more meaningful and heartwarming. He once very memorably said, ‘I can be cold, but when I’m warm, I’m hot,'” she wrote. “He was burning love last night having the love of his life accept his marriage proposal and having their family and friends surround them.”

The post continues:

In the eight years we’ve all known each other we’ve each had to navigate the search to find our person. That’s what brought us together in the first place. It’s a difficult journey, but it bonds tightly the ones that experience it so honestly together. Nick is the Miranda of our group and I know he appreciates this title (as he binged SATC during Covid). He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear in the moment, because he’s looking out for your best interests in the long run.

As far as his own search, amongst his friends he was hilariously self-deprecating about the struggle at times. He loves to debate and he’s an over-analyzer and who will talk out his thoughts on a matter far after a dinner done. We felt his perfect match would be a kind-hearted, patient woman, who could challenge him in a gentle, thoughtful way. She’d need to be a good listener, but also have wit and personality. He found this perfect match in Natalie, who radiates warmth and grace. (

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Wrote That Nick Viall Wanted to Be a Husband ‘for So Long’

According to Iaconetti’s post, Viall was initially worried that Joy might “see another guy.” She wrote:

One of our favorite Nick moments was an endearing time before he asked Natalie to be his girlfriend. He was analyzing her every post on Instagram trying to match it to the weekend schedule she told him she was about to embark on. He was worried she was going to see another guy. (She wasn’t.) This was when we knew he was really into her. Once they made things official, Nick became the best version of himself. His demeanor became more lighthearted and his heart of gold shimmered more. We got to see a video at their engagement party of his proposal. The tears and emotion pouring out of this man’s soul would silence even love’s harshest critics.

Watching Nick last night, we talked about how much of ‘a husband’ he is. It’s a role that he’s wanted for so long and one that seems like such a natural fit, as he’s so protective, committed, and passionate. We’re forever grateful for the intricate role he’s played in our friendship turned marriage. From him patting me on the back, encouraging me as I sobbed in my bunk in Paradise to his incredibly well delivered reciting of a When Harry Met Sally scene at our wedding, he’s been there. Now, thrilled that now it’s his turn! We love @nnataliejjoy & @nickviall!!

On his own Instagram page, Viall shared another photo with Joy and wrote that “many of us have hoped our path to love should to be clean, pure, and without disappointment. I have been that person. In reality, for many of us, our path to love is messy, dirty, and full of heartbreak.”

He added that he considers “myself truly blessed and lucky to have lived through the mess, so I can fully appreciate what I have in this moment.”

He declared that he considers Joy to be “perfect,” adding, “You’re a protector of the people you love. Your heart outshines your incredible beauty. You radiate joy, and bring so many smiles to those you get to be in your presence. I promise to wake up everyday and choose you, us, and our family. Forever ❤️.”

On Instagram, Joy refers to herself as a “certified surgical technologist.” According to Good Morning America, the couple met online.

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