‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 12 Recap

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CBS Will Whitney or Hannah win the Power of Veto tonight? Follow along with our live coverage.

In tonight’s episode of “Big Brother”, six houseguests will compete for the Power of Veto. The Head of Household, Christian, and his two nominees Whitney and Hannah will automatically be participating.

Three other houseguests selected at random will also compete in the POV competition. Who will win tonight? And will the Power of Veto be used to block one of Christian’s nominations?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:04 PM EST: Whitney says she feels blindsided and sabotaged by the nominations.

8:05 PM EST: Derek X., a member of The Royal Flush, is surprised to see Hannah on the block. Seems like his alliance members should’ve given him a heads up. Also, Hannah called Derek X. her husband, awww.

8:06 PM EST: Kings team meeting. Deja vu, they’re talking about whether the target should be Hannah or Whitney again. Sarah Beth is fighting hard for Hannah to be the target, but she’d better be careful. The Cookout now knows she’s gunning for one of them.

8:07 PM EST: Christian wants to keep the target as Whitney. Hannah promised him that if she wins HOH, she won’t put him up. Christian tells Hannah she’s a pawn and she should just lay low this week.

8:09 PM EST: Whitney and Xavier have a chat. Xavier tells her it got back to the Kings that Whitney said she would’ve targeted one of them if she had won HOH. Whitney feels confused because everyone wanted to target the Kings, not just her.

8:11 PM EST: Christian and Whitney talk one-on-one. He tells her that people in the house tipped him off that Whitney wanted to put him up. Whitney gets emotional and feels like she’s the house scapegoat, seeing as she wasn’t the only one planning to target a King.

8:15 PM EST: Christian can do a backflip?! Noted.

8:16 PM EST: Update: he can do six backflip burpees in a row. Now that’s not pawn material!

8:17 PM EST: Azah has a crush on Xavier and is getting sick of watching Whitney flirt with him. She admits she has ulterior motives for wanting Whitney out of the house.

8:17 PM EST: Azah tells Xavier she has a crush on him. But he’s staying firm in his original intentions for the game: no showmances! In Xavier’s words, “I’m not a hopeless showmantic.”

8:19 PM EST: Derek X. plans to gun for the veto win. He doesn’t want to lose another Ace this week. If Hannah gets to select a houseguest to play in the veto, she plans to pick Derek X. It would look suspicious if she picked someone from The Cookout. Derek is her teammate and they’re close.

8:21 PM EST: Alyssa and Derek X. chat. Derek X. is a little frustrated that Hannah was put on the block but understands that the Kings didn’t want to irritate two teams. Derek X. is in a tight spot because Hannah would expect him to take her off the block if he won POV, but his Royal Flush alliance members would want him to keep nominations the same. We’ll see if the “veto king” even gets to play this week.

8:26 PM EST: Houston, we have a cleaning montage. And Azah wiping out in front of her crush, Xavier.

8:28 PM EST: It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Claire and Azah are randomly selected to play. Hannah picks Derek X. for houseguest’s choice.

8:30 PM EST: Tiffany fills Hannah in on the fact that Sarah Beth has thrown her name out there as a target. Knowing that a member of the HOH’s team wants her gone increases Hannah’s desire to win the veto.

8:37 PM EST: This competition, “Bump, Set, Veto” is a hard one. Players must push a volleyball up a pitched chute over a net and then run to catch the volleyball before it comes out the other side. Players earn a point each time they catch their ball. The first person to 100 points wins. Each time the volleyball drops to the ground, their score resets to zero.

8:39 PM EST: Sarah Beth is not-so-secretly hoping for Whitney to win so Hannah will inadvertently become the target.

8:40 PM EST: Derek X. is taking it slow to improve his accuracy. Christian’s strategy is speed. Azah and Derek X. are both ahead of Christian.

8:42 PM EST: Azah makes a valiant effort to dive to catch her volleyball, but misses. Her score resets.

8:43 PM EST: Derek X. and Christian are neck and neck!

8:50 PM EST: Christian wins the Power of Veto…again!

8:51 PM EST: Whitney overhears a group having a conversation about who will be on slop next week. Derek X. says it will be him and Hannah, which shows Whitney her own teammate thinks her fate is sealed and has already accepted it.

8:53 PM EST: Ooooh Whitney is upset. Now she wants to blow up Derek X.’s game and get him on the block!

8:57 PM EST: Whitney goes to Christian and tells him that Derek X. is a way bigger threat than her. And she’s right! Too bad Derek X. is part of Christian’s alliance. Whitney encourages Christian to backdoor Derek X.

8:59 PM EST: No surprises here. Christian didn’t use the Power of Veto. Whitney and Hannah are still on the block. Poor Whitney, she’s totally in the dark about The Royal Flush.

9:00 PM EST: Sarah Beth still hasn’t given up on making Hannah the target this week. Uh oh. This could be the last “Big Brother” battle she ever fights if she doesn’t watch her back!

Tune into the live eviction episode tomorrow night at 8 PM EST.

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