‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 23 Recap

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CBS Who will HOH Tiffany target tonight on "Big Brother?" And will Coin of Destiny mess with her plans?

In Thursday’s episode of “Big Brother,” Derek X. was evicted and Tiffany became the new Head of Household.

But Tiffany might not want to get too comfortable in the HOH room. The Coin of Destiny is still in play and tonight we’ll find out if someone will become the new anonymous HOH, bringing Tiffany’s reign to an end.

But first (channeling Julie Chen Moonves), we’ll find out who Tiffany has nominated for eviction. Xavier will automatically become the third nominee, due to a punishment from last week’s Veto competition.

Who will Tiffany nominate? And will her nominations be changed by a new HOH?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:13 PM EST: Azah, Tiffany, and Claire celebrate Tiffany’s HOH win in the storage room! Loving their green and blue outfits.

8:14 PM EST: Tiffany says she knows her son must be freaking out at home.

8:14 PM EST: Aww, Kyland is really upset about letting Derek X. go. Azah and Derek F. comfort him.

8:15 PM EST: Sarah Beth talks to Xavier about Derek X. calling her out in his eviction speech by comparing her to Nicole Franzel. She cries in the Diary Room about it.

8:16 PM EST: Sarah Beth isn’t sure what to think of Tiffany being HOH. She doesn’t realize just how much danger she’s in. She has an alliance with Kyland, Alyssa, and Xavier called “The Monarchy” but let’s face it, that’s not real.

8:18 PM EST: Alyssa and Sarah Beth think there’s a chance Tiffany will nominate both of them. Xavier pretends to be worried about this week, but he knows he’s fine.

8:19 PM EST: Tiffany talks to Kyland about her nominations. He’s okay with going on the block next to Sarah Beth. He knows that even if Alyssa wins the veto, she’d save Xavier before she’d save Sarah Beth.

8:22 PM EST: Hannah tells Tiffany that she feels guilty for sabotaging Derek X. Tiffany reminds her that all the members of The Cookout will have to lose a close friend at some point in this game. She also tells Hannah that Derek X. will understand.

8:24 PM EST: Tiffany talks to Derek F. about the Coin of Destiny. She knows he has a lot of BB bucks so she encourages him to play to win. If someone has to win, she’d rather it be someone she’s working with so her nominations remain the same. Big D agrees but he still doesn’t trust Tiffany.

8:26 PM EST: Sarah Beth and Tiffany talk about the Coin of Destiny. SB makes it seem like she will probably have enough money to play Coin of Destiny, but she probably won’t. She just thinks it could keep her off the block if Tiffany thinks she could be the new HOH. Tiffany admits to Sarah Beth that the eviction of Derek X. wasn’t good for her personal game.

8:31 PM EST: Who wants to see Tiffany’s HOH room?! We get to see a picture of her son, Christian.

8:32 PM EST: Tiffany got Beyonce music and Big D is losing his mind with excitement.

8:32 PM EST: Tiffany reads a sweet letter from her grandmother, Mama Pat. She tells the houseguests that Mama Pat raised her.

8:34 PM EST: Sarah Beth attempts to save herself by going to Tiffany and throwing Alyssa under the bus. She implies that Alyssa might be gunning for Tiffany and calls Alyssa a liar. “Alyssa is in the ICU right now.” – Tiffany.

8:40 PM EST: It’s time for the nomination ceremony!

8:41 PM EST: Xavier is on the block as a third nominee by default. Tiffany nominates Kyland and Sarah Beth.

8:42 PM EST: Tiffany knows that her nominations aren’t set in stone because of the Coin of Destiny.

8:44 PM EST: Tiffany talks to Sarah Beth and tells her that her actual target is Kyland. Lies! But Tiffany doesn’t want Sarah Beth to fight for her life this week. She wants her to feel safe.

8:45 PM EST: The High Rollers’ Room is now open!

8:52 PM EST: Azah does not have enough money to play Coin of Destiny.

8:53 PM EST: Xavier was BB bankrupt this week, so he does not have enough money to play Coin of Destiny.

8:53 PM EST: Alyssa does not have enough money to play Coin of Destiny.

8:54 PM EST: Tiffany and Hannah want Claire to win Coin of Destiny this week. They want all of The Cookout to be eligible to play HOH next week.

8:55 PM EST: Hannah has enough money to play but she doesn’t.

8:56 PM EST: Sarah Beth does not have enough money to play Coin of Destiny.

8:56 PM EST: Big D has a whopping 425 BB bucks! He’s going to play Coin of Destiny. He’ll have to roll as many coins into the slots of a giant slot machine as he can.

8:59 PM EST: Claire is going to play Coin of Destiny. She doesn’t want anyone to mess with Tiffanny’s nominations.

9:05 PM EST: It’s time to flip the Coin of Destiny! The winner of the game predicted the coin would land on heads.

9:06 PM EST: Tiffany is no longer Head of Household! Now she’s eligible to vote and she can compete in next week’s HOH competition.

9:07 PM EST: The secret HOH has nominated Kyland and Sarah Beth for eviction. Some twist!

9:08 PM EST: Claire is the secret HOH!

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, September 1 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

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