Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Finale Spoilers & Winner Predictions

Julie Chen Moonves

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The “Celebrity Big Brother” season finale airs tonight, February 23, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

In tonight’s episode, one of the three remaining houseguests will be crowned the winner and take home the $250,000 prize. Host Julie Chen Moonves will also announce America’s Favorite Player, which will reward the houseguest that received the most votes from viewers with $25,000.

Many details about tonight’s finale are still under wraps, but some information has been released.

Here’s what we know:

Julie Chen Moonves Predicts ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Winner

When people think of “Big Brother,” they think of Julie Chen Moonves. Julie has hosted the CBS competition show since it premiered in July 2000. Over the last 22 years, contestants have come and gone, but Julie has remained.

The 52-year-old has witnessed every blindside, backdoor, and showmance in the show’s history, making her a “Big Brother” expert.

Julie shared her insights on the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, and even revealed her pick to win.

“In my humble opinion…. we should write the check right now to Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Tate,” Julie told Entertainment Weekly in February 2022. “She earned it. No question. She’s fierce, and she showed it to the world. I call her Miesha ‘No Joke’ Tate.”

Miesha has undoubtedly played an impressive game. She won two HOH competitions and secured a Veto win, but Miesha did rub some houseguests the wrong way, so it’s hard to say how the jury votes will lay.

Julie Chen Promises a ‘Whirlwind’ Finale

In a February 22 interview with Us Weekly, Julie teased that the “Celebrity Big Brother” finale will be full of drama.

“This jury is so fired up,” she told the publication. The CBS personality also revealed details about how the finale will play out.

“There’s gonna be a live HOH. Because we’re only an hour, it’s gonna be a whirlwind of an hour,” she told the outlet. “All the jurors get to say one statement before they stick the key in the box. And I think that will be a powerful part of the show when each one gets to say something to the final two. It’s amazing how in one sentence you can really take a dig at someone, or show grace, or just let someone know exactly where they stand.”

Where Will the Jury Votes Lay?

Tonight’s Head of Household winner will get to choose which houseguest they want to sit next to them in the final two chairs.

Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall have had a final two deal since the beginning of the competition, so it seems likely they will choose each other, but you never know. Miesha or Todrick could decide to bring Cynthia to the finale if they think she will be easier to beat. Cynthia has never won a competition, but she is tight with several jury members. Her social game could win her some jury votes if she makes it to the final two.

Miesha and Todrick, on the other hand, have certainly burnt some bridges when it comes to the jury.

Several jury members have spoken out about Todrick’s behavior in the house, calling him “nasty” and “mean.”

In his exit interview, Todd Bridges told Julie Chen that he was planning to vote for Todrick in the finale, but after watching the show back, he revealed his feelings had changed.

“I done seen the light now. I thought [Todrick] played a great game, I didn’t think he played an evil game,” Todd told Heavy in an exclusive interview.

“Watching him and Miesha talk about me the way they did was just really sad…I thought Miesha was better than that but she believes Todrick. She’s caught under that Todrick little web,” he said in the interview.

Lamar Odom echoed Todd’s statements, telling Heavy that he doesn’t think Todrick has a chance at winning.

“Unfortunately, I think he probably pissed off too many of the jurors. Especially if they’re watching it now and they’re probably going to be influenced by what people are saying on social media,” the former NBA star said.

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