‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Eviction Updates for 2/14/22

Carson Kressley

CBS Carson Kressley is the current Head of Household on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Tonight on “Celebrity Big Brother,” a fourth houseguest will be evicted.

In last night’s episode, Carson Kressley won Head of Household and celebrated with his allies, Cynthia Bailey and Shanna Moakler. But the celebrations didn’t last long. Knowing that his number one ally Miesha Tate was in danger, Todrick Hall told Carson and Cynthia that Shanna had been playing both sides of the house.

Shanna tried to tell Carson and Cynthia that she was loyal to them and had proved it by using the last power of veto to save Carson. But Shanna’s allies didn’t believe her and formed a plan with the rest of the house to backdoor her.

Carson nominated Miesha and Todd Bridges for nomination. Will the plan to backdoor Shanna succeed? Or can she win the power of veto for the third time in a row and save herself?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below. All times Eastern.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

9:05: Todd is on the block but he isn’t worried because he knows he’s not the target this week. Shanna is.

9:07: Shanna’s only chance of survival is to win the veto for the third time in a row.

9:08: Shanna and Cynthia talk. Shanna tries to defend herself and explain her gameplay. But Cynthia can’t get past the fact that Shanna has successfully played both sides of the house. Shanna tries to point out that she proved her loyalty to Cynthia and Carson when she used the veto on Carson. “Talking to her is like talking to a box of crayons,” Shanna says in the diary room.

9:11: Miesha and Todrick discuss their options if Shanna does win the veto. They float the idea of asking Carson and Cynthia to make a final four deal.

9:12: Carson and Cynthia talk. Cynthia says that Shanna saving Carson doesn’t justify her talking to both sides of the house. She thinks everything Shanna has done in the game has been self-serving.

9:14: Miesha and Todrick talk about what to do next if they get Shanna out this week. They still think getting rid of Carson next is a good idea, so they aren’t sure they want to make a final four deal with him. They don’t want to make a deal and immediately go back on it, but they also don’t want to bring Carson to the final four.

9:19: Lamar talks to Cynthia and Carson about his wedding to Khloe Kardashian. He says he looked like Prince Charming. In the diary room, he says he regrets not treating Khloe right when they were together. “It was never my intention to hurt her,” he says. He tells Cynthia it was one of his biggest regrets not treating “that good woman right.”

9:20: In the diary room, he says it would be an honor just to be in Khloe’s presence. “Just saying her name kind of like brightens up my day,” he says. He tells Cynthia sometimes it’s hard for him to sleep at night thinking about her.

9:21: Lamar can’t sleep. He’s up talking to himself, saying, “this experience has been life-changing.” He kills a fly and burps.

9:22: Carson and Miesha talk in the storage room. He tells Miesha that if he goes through with his plan to backdoor Shanna, keeping her safe, she must spare him and Cynthia if she wins HOH next. Miesha agrees.

9:25: Miesha talks to Todrick about the deal. They’re happy with the terms of the agreement, seeing as it’s not a final four deal.

9:30: It’s time for the live power of veto competition. Miesha, Todd, Carson, Todrick, Lamar, and Cynthia are competing. Shanna, the person who needed this win the most, was the only person not picked to play. It’s a Valentine’s Day-themed puzzle competition.

9:33: Todrick wins the power of veto.

9:38: Todrick uses the power of veto on Todd Bridges instead of Miesha. Somewhat of a surprising move. Carson names Shanna as the replacement nominee.

9:45: Miesha calls Shanna “shady” in her pre-eviction speech to her fellow houseguests. In her speech, Shanna tells her boyfriend Matthew that she can’t wait to kiss his face tonight. She’s already accepted that she’ll be evicted.

9:47: Todd and Cynthia vote to evict Shanna. Lamar seems to not be able to decide who to vote for. Julie has to remind him he’s on live television. “It’s hard,” he says. He finally votes to evict Shanna.

9:49: Todrick says he’s “elated” to evict Shanna and asked Julie if he could vote twice.

9:53: Julie delivers the news that Shanna has been evicted. She hugs only Todd and Lamar before leaving. Her last words in the house are, “Don’t worry Todrick, I’ll get the jury to vote against you.”

9:54: After she leaves, Miesha says that Shanna’s last words being about “manipulating” the jury are indicative of her overall character.

9:56: Shanna tells Julie it was frustrating for her because most of the people in the house didn’t know how to play the game. She says she’ll be at home watching popcorn seeing this backfire on Carson and Cynthia. She says she can respect Todrick and Miesha throwing her under the bus more than she can respect Carson believing them.

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