Shanna Moakler’s Boyfriend Unfollowed Her & Deleted All Pictures of Her

Shanna Moakler

CBS Shanna Moakler on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

When 46-year-old former pageant queen and reality star Shanna Moakler entered the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, she was in a relationship with 29-year-old model Matthew Rondeau.

Over the weekend of February 4, while Moakler was in the house completely cut off from the outside world, TMZ published photos of Rondeau browsing for rings at Tiffany & Co., causing engagement rumors to swirl.

But since then, Rondeau has unfollowed Moakler on Instagram and deleted all photos of them together. Page Six reached out to Rondeau, asking why he took the drastic social media action. “Soon they will know,” Rondeau told the outlet. According to TMZ, Rondeau isn’t happy with how Moakler has been interacting with former NBA star Lamar Odom in the house.

Sources told TMZ that Rondeau feels Moakler has crossed boundaries on the show. He allegedly doesn’t like that Moakler has been using phrases that he uses around her. In one live feeds clip posted by TMZ, Moakler can be seen helping Lamar Odom put on under-eye patches. “These are wetter so just keep pushing,” she says to Odom. “That’s always better,” Lamar replies. Moakler then quips, “Always better when it’s wetter, that’s my motto.”

Teddi Mellencamp Revealed Rondeau Sent Her Unkind Messages About Moakler

Teddi Mellencamp was the first houseguest evicted on the latest season of “Celebrity Big Brother.” Mellencamp and Moakler were friends and allies in the house.

When Mellencamp got out of the house, she revealed on an episode of her podcast, “Two T’s in a Pod,” that Rondeau had slid into her direct messages. Although she says Rondeau wasn’t trying to hit on her, she did say, “Let’s just say, Shanna, when you get out of the house, if he hasn’t told you anything you need to call me, girl.”

Mellencamp explained that Rondeau replied to a joking remark she’d made on social media about Moakler keeping her hat after she was evicted.

“I said, ‘Oh, Shanna, had I known you were going to vote me out, I wouldn’t have left you my hat.’ Obviously joking. It’s a beanie cap, I don’t care. It’s my bad attempt at humor. But he wrote, ‘You’ll never see that hat again’ and then something negative about her,” Mellencamp said.

“I wrote back, ‘Oh, LOL. It’s not that big of a deal. In the big scheme of things, I couldn’t have made it those 11 days without her friendship.’ He continued on and on and on,” she said.

Moakler Might Be the Next One Evicted on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Moakler might find out that Rondeau has unfollowed her sooner rather than later. On the February 13 episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Head of Household Carson Kressley nominated Miesha Tate and Todd Bridges for eviction. But the entire house is united in wanting Moakler out. Their plan is to backdoor her during the February 14 live eviction episode.

Moakler was heard saying on the live feeds, “oh my god, I will get to see my man tonight. It’s going to be amazing. On Valentine’s Day.” Little does she know, her relationship might already be over.

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