Daniel Durston Calls ‘Big Brother’ Fans ‘Losers’


CBS Daniel Durston calls Big Brother fans losers.

Former houseguest Daniel Durston is in hot water with “Big Brother” fans after he called them “losers” on Instagram live.

Daniel was evicted from the “Big Brother” house on Thursday, August 11, with an eight to one vote. Since exiting the house, the Elvis impersonator has not held back from sharing his honest thoughts on the season.

Here’s what you need to know.

Daniel Calls Fans ‘Losers’

Daniel went live on Instagram during the Sunday, August 21 episode of “Big Brother” and shared a few controversial opinions.

In the live video, reposted by the YouTube account AT2, the Ontario native seemed unimpressed with the show since his exit, stating, “It’s been boring. This show sucks without me. Am I right?”

Daniel then went on to discuss Monte’s pawn strategy. This week Monte volunteered to go up as a pawn to help get Jasmine out of the house.

“I think Monte’s presenting himself as a pawn because he knows he’s [going to] go up anyway, so he [is] trying to gain points by saying [that],” Daniel told viewers.

Daniel explained Monte’s strategy to his Instagram viewers and called out “Big Brother” fans who he said don’t know how to play the game.

“[Monte] might as well present [himself] as a pawn and [hope he] can play for Veto for all you losers who don’t know how to play this f***ing game,” he said.

Daniel Takes Credit for Split House Twist

Daniel then took credit for the Split House twist, telling viewers his exit must have prompted the twist.

“Guarantee they made up this twist because [the show] got f***ing boring when I left,” he said. “A mass alliance was [going to] take over and that [is] what makes “Big Brother” suck, so you’re welcome.”

Daniel Calls ‘Big Brother’ House Torture

During his live, Daniel said he would “hate” to be inside the “Big Brother” house, referring to Brochella, telling viewers it would be “torture.”

“If I was inside the house, I would be dying,” he said. “That’s torture. That would be a punishment for me if I lived inside with these people,” he said, referring to the Brochella houseguests.

“I would have to be in the backyard [at Dyre fest],” he said. “I at least get along with everyone in the backyard and I like half of them.”

“Well, I like one of them, Terrance,” he continued. “Joseph’s cool too. I really like that guy.”

Daniel then expressed his disappointment with Sunday’s episode, stating, “This season sucks without me in it.”

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Fans React to Daniel’s Live

Fans shared their thoughts on Daniel’s Instagram live rant in the comment section of the video.

Many fans were not impressed with Daniel’s “Big Brother” recap, calling him “narcissistic.”

“God he’s so narcissistic,” one user commented. “[He] thinks the world revolves around him so when he leaves the show he gets petty and hates on people for no reason. He knows people hate him but won’t question WHY we hate him, actively proving WHY we hate him.”

“This dude is the worst,” another fan wrote. “He’s still talking crap about people outside of the house, I guess not much has changed.”

“He’s full of himself, next,” a third user added.

“Why is he so mad!! Yikes,” a fourth user wrote.

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