‘Big Brother’ Season 23 Spoilers: Cast Info and More

TV personality Julie Chen attends The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Getty TV personality Julie Chen attends The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

A reputable “Big Brother” spoiler source recently let loose a string of (slightly) spoilery tidbits about the upcoming 23rd season. Read on to find out what she said, but be warned of spoilers.


Casting Information

The Twitter account Spoilergirl1 is a well-known source for CBS insider information about “Survivor,” “Big Brother,” “The Young and the Restless,” and more. Here is what she has said about the cast, which is still being finalized, according to her tweets.

  • The estimated date for the cast announcement is June 16. She also said promos will probably start in June.
  • The cast will be all new players, no returning players.
  • She is “hearing” there will be eight people of color on the cast and eight (presumably) white cast members, which is in keeping with CBS’ new diversity and inclusion initiative.

Premiere Date

Mitch Graham, the senior vice president for alternative programming at CBS, has already said in a statement that “Big Brother” will be “more in pattern” with its airdate than it was last year, which makes sense because for season 22, they had to scramble to change things around and implement all sorts of safety protocols when the pandemic shut down TV production in the spring.

Spoilergirl has said that the premiere will be much more in line with the normal schedule, which usually means the end of June (though because of testing and quarantine, it could be pushed back slightly).

“June 23rd or June 30th. No later than 7/7,” writes Spoilergirl.

Spoilergirl also said that Julie Chen Moonves is returning as the host and “she is excited” — remember, “she pushed for ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3.'” The Chen-bot is ready and rarin’ to go.

Twists and Other Info

Big Brother Canada 9 3/29/21:The Invisible HOH's Nomination CeremonyThis is an invisible HOH Nominations Ceremony where this week invisible HOH (Victoria) has secretly nominated two people for this week. Who are the two nominated this week find out now. Disclaimer:NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!!! All Rights Goes To Global!2021-03-30T19:15:30Z

In a tweet on May 1, Spoilergirl did not have any news to report about the casting process other than to say that there was “still a lot of discussion on twists.” Then on May 4, she said that production is considering the “Invisible HOH” twist for this upcoming season, but may call it “Secret HOH.”

In case you haven’t heard about that, on this year’s “Big Brother Canada,” in week five, the Head of Household was “invisible,” i.e. the winner of the competition was not revealed to the houseguests and the nominations were made secret. To help keep the secret, the HOH was eligible to compete in the following week’s HOH competition, though he or she was not allowed to have access to the HOH suite.

The twist was popular with fans — it is a pretty creative twist — but they were disappointed in how Victoria used her invisible HOH. Either way, we would love to see it used on the U.S. “Big Brother.”

We also hope to see a revival of the Diamond Power of Veto. It hasn’t actually been used since “Big Brother 12.” It was made available in “Big Brother: Over the Top” and “Big Brother 21” but wasn’t used either time.

It might also be time for another Pandora’s Box, which hasn’t been seen since “Big Brother 14.”

Big Brother U.S. returns in summer 2021 for its 23rd season.

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