Woman Wins $33,000 on ‘Big Brother: The Game’

Big Brother the game

fortyseven communications "Big Brother: The Game" winner Amy Elizabeth holds her grand prize check.

Have you ever dreamed of playing “Big Brother?” But maybe having your every move caught on camera and broadcast on national television isn’t your cup of tea?

“Big Brother: The Game” gave 33,724 contestants the opportunity to experience the hit reality show from their phones or computer. Players interacted with other houseguests virtually as Sims-like avatars. The game launched on October 15, 2020 and lasted for 288 days. During that time, players had to survive daily evictions with social strategy.

31-year-old Amy Elizabeth, a special needs teacher from Middleton, Delaware, became the first-ever winner of “Big Brother: The Game.” She had to get through 7 different levels of “Big Brother” houses before winning the grand prize: $33,000.

“To say that this money means the world to me and my family is an understatement,” Amy Elizabeth said in a press release. “I have two beautiful kids and maybe another someday, and this money will be used to set them up for life.”

How to Play ‘Big Brother: The Game’

big brother the game

fortyseven communicationsHouseguests on “Big Brother: The Game.”

“Big Brother: The Game” is available for download via the app store, Google Play, or the game’s website. Although there are no cash prizes at the moment, players can invite their friends to play in “Friend Zone” mode or join public games.

In contestant mode, you can create an avatar, chat with other houseguests, compete in competitions, vote to evict other houseguests, and more.

In spectator mode, you can follow your friends as they play the game, send personalized gifts to the players you’re rooting for, and support players in public votes.

‘Big Brother’ Will Soon Have Another Historic Winner

Amy Elizabeth made history as the first-ever winner of “Big Brother: The Game” but there’s another historic “Big Brother” win on the horizon.

The Cookout alliance made it their mission to make it to the final six together, ensuring that “Big Brother” would have its first-ever Black winner. Between Sarah Beth’s goodbye messages and Claire’s final conversations with Tiffany, the jury has already caught onto the mission.

All the jury members have been understanding so far, even though many of them were betrayed by members of The Cookout. Derek X., who was betrayed by Hannah, seems impressed by The Cookout’s success more than anything else. Claire, who was nominated by her closest friend, Tiffany, said she will still be Tiffany’s friend.

Sarah Beth also understands why The Cookout’s mission was so important to them, but it’s not clear whether she forgives Kyland 100% yet. She told the other jury members that he told her some lies that just weren’t necessary.

Many of the jury members have expressed their admiration for Xavier’s game. If Xavier makes it to the final two, he’s almost guaranteed to take home the biggest prize in “Big Brother” history: $750,000.

The Jury Seems to Be Having Fun

The members of the “Big Brother 23” jury seem to be having an okay time. In a video posted on the official “Big Brother” Instagram account, the jury members played a game called “Which Houseguest Is…?”

Which houseguest is the flirtiest? The group was torn between Big D and Brent. As for who sleeps the most? Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Azah’s names were all thrown out there.

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