Amanda Batula Addresses Speculation About Her Relationship With Jesse Solomon

Jesse Solomon and Amanda Batula.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jesse Solomon and Amanda Batula.

“Summer House” star Amanda Batula is reacting to speculation regarding her friendship with her castmate, Jesse Solomon, as reported by Us Weekly.

On May 14, Batula posted a brief TikTok video. In the comments section, a fan wrote, “Jesse Solomon come get your girl.” The 32-year-old, who wed “Summer House” star Kyle Cooke in September 2021, replied, “Yall are out of control.”

Batula made a separate video addressing a commenter who noted that Solomon’s name was “the trending search” on her TikTok page.

“You guys are out of control. This is what you’ve done to the search bar on my videos now. Enough. It’s never going to happen,” stated Batula.

Batula also reminded her fans she is married in a May 15 TikTok post.

this is the last youll all hear from me on this topic,” read the caption of the May 15 TikTok video.

‘Summer House’ Fans Shared Theories About Jesse Solomon’s Social Media Comments

Over the last few weeks, “Summer House” viewers noticed Solomon’s reactions to Batula’s social media uploads. For instance, on May 11, Batula shared a sponsored post where she tried on a Skims undergarment. Solomon commented, “I’m rarely at a loss of words.” In addition, he shared, “All my comments would be inappropriate” in a separate comment.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of Solomon’s comments on the “Summer House ” subreddit. Some commenters shared they believed Solomon and Batula could be a good romantic match.

“I feel like they have chemistry,” wrote a commenter.

“They definitely seem to have a vibe, and he doesn’t just make her jump straight to anger 🤣,” added another.

“Amanda has more chemistry with Jesse than with Kyle,” shared a different person.

Some Reddit users stated, however, that they believed Solomon, who joined the “Summer House” cast for season 8, made the comments to draw in more attention.

“In a few of Jesse‘s recent interviews, he has said he wished he would have flirted or hooked up with someone else in the cast, because that’s what the audience is interested in. I definitely think that is going to be his strategy for next season,” commented a fan.

“Another theory I have is this was all planned and he’s stirring the spot to secure his spot for season 9 which of course was not made about at all! Jesse and West need to stayyyy,” chimed in the post’s original uploader.

Jesse Solomon Gave His Opinion About His Castmates’ Marriage

While speaking to Page Six in May 2024, Solomon discussed a heated exchange between Batula and her husband in “Summer House” season 8, episode 12. During the argument, Cooke said he was upset with his wife after she stated she wanted to have pursuits outside of her role as creative director of Loverboy.

Solomon stated that he believed Cooke “obviously should have been immediately a supportive husband.” The 30-year-old also said he is aware that Cooke “just wants Amanda to be apart of Loverboy,” as he “could use all the help he can get.” He stated, however, that he also thinks “Amanda deserves to be happy” in her career.

He also shared he did not think the couple would break up.

“They are just each other’s person. And you kind of just feel it when they are together. I think the show gets reduced down and you just see these terrible fights all the time. But I think because they are so close, they can fight that hard. And it’s not, like, you’re worried about them breaking up type of fight,” said Solomon.

Amanda Batula Opened up About Her Relationship With Her Husband

During an April 2024 interview with Page Six, Batula discussed her relationship issues with her husband. She stated that they have decided to not dwell on past arguments to better their marriage.

“The biggest thing for us has sort of been – unless there is something that we really do still need to work through, sort of leaving the past in the past,” said the 32-year-old.