Amanda Batula Gives Update on Having Children With Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula.

Summer House” star Amanda Batula is giving an update on her plans to have children with her husband of two years, Kyle Cooke.

While speaking to Us Weekly in April 2024, Batula, 32, stated that she and Cooke intend to have children “within the next couple years.” She also shared that she is considering freezing her embryos.

“We were just with some friends who are a little older. And they were like, ‘Just freeze your embryos now.’ Just so you have them. They are like, ‘This is the right time. This is the right age to do it,’” said the graphic designer. “And it made me really nervous. Thinking about, like, okay I can have kids right now. But this is the time I have to prepare for the future depending on what happens.”

Batula also stated that she does not think her husband is “ready” to become a father.

“I want to say that he will be ready when it happens,” said Batula.

She explained that he feels the need “to have everything lined up” before making a significant change.

“I think it will be a situation where I’m going to have to, like, trick him into getting me pregnant,” quipped Batula with a laugh. “And then he’s going to thrive once it happens. But if you ask him when he’s ready, he’s always going to say no.”

She clarified that he would like to be a father. The 32-year-old stated that her husband is “so great” and “such a natural” around children.

“He’s going to be an amazing father,” said Batula. “We just got to get him fully on board.”

Amanda Batula Discussed Her Relationship with Kyle Cooke

While speaking to Us Weekly, Batula stated that fans will often speculate that she is pregnant on social media. She also said Bravo viewers send her messages reminding her that Cooke was unfaithful in their relationship in 2018.

“People think that I can’t let go of the cheating thing. But I get comments and DMs at least once a week reminding me that Kyle cheated on me. So it’s like, how can I let that go if no one else is able to let it go either?” said Batula.

Batula also stated that she is aware some viewers do not believe she and Cooke will remain married.

“Everyone rooting against us. Making bets on when we’ll get divorced. And how long we’ll be together. And how he deserves better or I deserve better. Like, seeing that all the time makes you question your relationship,” said Batula.

Amanda Batula Spoke About Her Reactions to Kyle Cooke During ‘Summer House’ Season 8

In an April 15 interview with Page Six, Batula stated that she and her husband were “in a rut” while filming “Summer House” season 8 during the summer of 2023.

“I was just frustrated with him in general. And it’s obviously very apparent,” said Batula.

She stated that while she was aware she was “giving him a hard time” during the show’s production, she “didn’t realize until watching it back how hard of a time [she] was giving him.”

“I was just very short with him. I’ll give him that. But reasonings were still valid,” said Batula.

Kyle Cooke Discussed His Past Infidelity

Cooke discussed his relationship with Batula during an April 11 episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” He noted that his wife has stated she is still “affected” by his decision to cheat. He said while he “would like to think time heals all wounds,” he knows he “can’t fix” his past choices.

“Every single time I find myself getting worked up and angry or upset, I do have to remind myself that there is a past that I can’t change. And I have to own it. It pulls at my heart,” said Cooke.