Amanda Batula Opens Up About Her ‘Complex’ Friendship With Lindsay Hubbard

Amanda Batula and Lindsay Hubbard

NBCUniversal Amanda Batula and Lindsay Hubbard

Amanda Batula got candid about her friendship with “Summer House” co-star Lindsay Hubbard on May 10 after viewers saw some highs and lows between the two in the last couple of seasons of “Summer House” and “Winter House.”

“Lindsay and I have always had our ups and downs,” Batula shared in a wide-ranging interview with Glamour. “Our relationship has never been black-and-white, always been complex. But even though we’ve had our history, there’s a level of respect for one another that goes deeper than any surface-level drama or any rumblings on the internet.”

“I think we’ll never have that best-friend relationship, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get along when we are together,” she continued. That said, she added that it’s been difficult to keep their relationship strong when fans have always pitted them against each other.

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Amanda Batula Said She Felt as Though Social Media Has Made Their Feuds Worse

Batula addressed the criticism she’s received from fans on social media and the stoking of feuds that appear on the show, which airs several months after filming. When the filming ends at the end of the summer, the cast members are usually on fairly good terms, Batula explained to Glamour.

However, when it starts airing, comments by fans or the cast can set off feuds again and build tensions. “I actually think that the fans have added to it,” she said regarding the divide that’s usually seen between Hubbard and most of the other women in the house, namely Batula, Ciara Miller and Paige DeSorbo. “Really, they have kind of made it worse.”

Batula said she still loves filming “Summer House” and it’s the time of year when it airs that she doesn’t enjoy as much. “I say I like the filming part and being able to be with your friends and have these memories,” she explained. “It’s a lot of fun. I could do that forever… It’s the social media and the online bullying that makes it really difficult to want to keep doing this.”

Lindsay Hubbard Posted a Video of Her Dancing With Amanda Batula at a Wedding Recently

Fans got excited in April 2023 when Hubbard and Batula were pictured apparently having a blast together outside of filming of “Summer House” as the two women haven’t always seen eye-to-eye.

Hubbard, who is engaged to Carl Radke, and Batula, who is married to Kyle Cooke, attended the wedding of Hubbard’s ex and “Summer House” alum Everett Weston in Ireland on April 20. Cooke and Radke have been good friends since the first season of the Bravo show and fans have been hoping to see the two women get along too and they got their wish when Hubbard showed them dancing together at the wedding.

Hubbard shared a video of highlights of the reception, in which she danced not only with Radke but also with Batula as they both laughed. The comments were soon flooded with fans saying they were thrilled to see the two co-stars getting along and said that was the content they wanted to see on “Summer House” as well.

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