Andy Cohen Says Something May Soon Be Missing from His Instagram Page

Andy Cohen

Heavy/NBCUniversal Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen may soon be making a major change to his Instagram page.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host, 55, is father to a son, Ben, 4, and a daughter Lucy, 1. Fans have gotten to know the Barvo host’s kids via adorable photos and social media photos he shares. But in a November 2023 interview with, he revealed that his mom, Evelyn, told him it’s time to stop showing his kids’ faces online.

“My mom is really on me about it,” Cohen told Today. “She’s really like, ‘You have to stop.’ She was very vocal about, ‘OK, you can’t show Ben anymore. When are you going to stop showing Lucy?”

“People need to understand that my kids are not me and they didn’t sign up for this,” Cohen added.

Andy Cohen Said He’s Starting to Feel ‘Funny’ About Showing His Kids Faces Online

It has been a long time since Cohen showed his son Ben’s face on Instagram. “The last time I showed Ben’s face was when I got my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” he told Today, referencing his February 2022 ceremony. The outlet noted that Cohen made the decision to stop showing Ben’s face when he started school.

And while he has proudly posted photos of his baby girl since her April 2022 birth, Cohen hinted that could soon change. “I’m teetering towards not showing [her] anymore. I just feel funny about it,” he admitted to Today.

As of this writing, Cohen’s last post of Lucy was shared on Thanksgiving Day 2023. In the pic, Cohen’s little girl is seen posing with his mom Evelyn and showing off her mini Louboutin red-bottoms.

Fans started to notice the absence of Ben earlier in 2023 after Cohen covered his son’s face with an emoji in a vacation photo. After posting a photo that featured his son’s face covered with a smiley heart eye emoji, he wrote,  “Happy Spring Break! (the emoji is odd, almost scary, I admit.. 🤷‍♂️).”

And after attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on November 23, 2023, Cohen and Ben posed with Cher, but Ben’s face was covered with a crying sticker in the Instagram post. Cohen noted that his sobbing son was having “some feelings” while meeting the music legend.

Andy Posts Videos With Ben Talking Off-Camera

When he doesn’t post Ben’s face anymore, Cohen shares plenty of Instagram content featuring his son talking to him off-camera.

Over the summer, Cohen shared a series of videos taken during the car ride to Ben’s summer camp. In several videos, the preschooler said his “calculations” predicted he was going to have a bad day. Cohen was seen patiently talking to Ben about his calculations. In another video, Cohen talked to Ben about his stomach ache after the child ate seven Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for breakfast.

Cohen also talked to an off-camera Ben about eating potato chips before breakfast. He later found out that his son was hiding behind a chair and eating chips every morning. Fans have commended Cohen’s patience when dealing with his young kids.

“You are such a patient and great Father ❤️,” wrote singer Carnie Wilson in the comment section.

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