Andy Cohen Says Some ‘Summer House’ Stars ‘Clocked In’ at Reunion

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The “Summer House” season 7 reunion was filmed on April 27, 2023, and host Andy Cohen has given fans a few teasers about what to expect when it airs.

“We had the ‘Summer House’ reunion last Thursday,” he shared on his SiriusXM show, “Radio Andy,” on May 1. “And it was very good, and I don’t wanna give anything away but some people who’ve kind of been quiet clocked in, in a way that was surprising.”

Cohen also hinted that there might have been some resolution among the feuding cast members as he added, “And I would say that I clocked in as well and I would say that there was some movement, forward momentum.”

Fans speculated about who might have “clocked in” at the reunion after being quiet, with some suggesting that it was Paige DeSorbo, who hasn’t been at the center of any major storylines so far this season. Others guessed it might have been Mya Allen, who also hasn’t featured much this season and skipped a few weekends at the Hamptons as well.

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Andy Cohen Previously Hinted That There Was a Big Storm Headed Lindsay Hubbard’s Way at the Reunion

Cohen has given a few other hints about the reunion via his Instagram Stories the day of filming. In one clip, he turned to talk to Lindsay Hubbard during break and asked her how it was going. She said she felt as though a storm was brewing and the worst was still to come.

Cohen agreed with her that there was going to be a lot coming her way, which is no surprise as Hubbard has found herself at the center of a lot of the drama and conversations this season.

Hubbard is currently going through an on-air friendship breakup with Danielle Olivera, which has been fueled by Hubbard feeling unhappy at Olivera expressing concerns over her relationship with Carl Radke with other cast members, as well as Olivera feeling like Hubbard hasn’t been there for her.

During “Watch What Happens Live” on April 17, Cohen asked Hubbard if she thought that she and Olivera could come to a resolution at the reunion and she said, “I guess we’ll find out there.” Later, he asked if Olivera was invited to Hubbard and Radke’s wedding in November 2023 and she replied, “I guess we’ll find out after the reunion.”

Carl Radke Said He Was Hoping His Co-Stars Could Resolve Some of Their ‘Resentment’ Moving Forward

It’s possible the “forward momentum” hinted at by Cohen isn’t regarding Olivera and Hubbard’s friendship at all and is about other cast members. Hubbard has also found herself at odds with Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller at times this season and in the past.

In fact, Hubbard shared earlier in 2023 that she wasn’t really surprised that in the earlier episodes, some of her cast members were claiming that Radke had “changed” since dating her. “I get blamed for everything,” Hubbard told Page Six. “They gang up on me.” She said it’s been the narrative the last couple of seasons of “Summer House” as well as the last season of “Winter House” despite only showing up at the house for a two-day visit.

At the time, Radke said he was hoping his co-stars could resolve some of the “resentment” they “clearly” had toward the now-engaged couple. He said if they couldn’t, it didn’t bode well for the future of the show, as fans want to see progression.

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